Were you ever told, "We don't know what Jehovah has in store for us"

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  • truthseeker

    Doesn't that conjure up a thought-provoking question?

    I have heard this phrase a few times and I consider it rather childish and deliberately mysterious, as if Jehovah has a bunch of wrapped gifts for each of us, and we curiously wonder what's inside of them.

    I overheard a DO say this once, when someone asked him if there would be any new information.

    We couldn't wait to see what "Jehovah had in store for us" at the district convention.

    Kind of reminds me of a child asking what Santa had brought him for Christmas, but in reality, another mind control attempt by the cult to make them think they are in God's organization.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes I am afraid I once used it myself from a Circuit Assembly platform

  • blondie

    I can tell what will be at the DC this year: SOC.

  • Sunspot

    Hi Truthseeker,

    Am I understanding your question? Are you referring to the good things (as in rewards) or the negative aspects of being "refined" or "tested"?


  • truthseeker

    Excellent point SunSpot.

    I was referring, not necessarily to rewards, but simply "new information."

    Every time I have heard this phrase, it has not been used to imply any New World theology, but simply new information that comes from circuit assemblies and district conventions.

    It's almost what I would call a teaser.

  • Sunspot

    I had a completely different "take" on what you asked (grin)......thanks for answering.

    As far as getting any new "info" at DC's each year, or awaiting anything new from this (cough) progressive organization, I often came away feeling that I hadn't *heard* anything new, but the same-old same-old dressed up and put out on the shelf. I wondered what I was missing, but yet never DARED to compare notes with anyone else. I guess that is what the WTS depends on!

    As others have said---it was like the Emperor having no clothes and it took one innocent child to come out and say so!


  • pepheuga

    the point about this question is not that there might or might not be something in store, but rather that whatever there could be, jehovah is directing it. in this way a question arising out of our ignorance of future events, and our vulnerability to them, is turned into a (yet another) tool for abolishing uncertainty (always a dangerous thing), and replacing that uncertainty with a doctrine - namely the one that jehovah is running the show, it's all in hand, & we don't have to worry, thereby relegating us from the dizzy heights of doubt, to thoughtless certainty.

  • Sunspot

    **thereby relegating us from the dizzy heights of doubt, to thoughtless certainty.


    I think THIS was the frightening factor that I had to face head-on when the WTS dissolved in front of me as "the truth" after 30 years of being mislead. The pit in your gut that now tells you that you're starting back from square one after having been SO *sure* that you had ALL the answers......facing that uncertainty once again.

    TRUST now becomes an issue when you've invested your heart and soul to a lie.....totally convinced that you belong to GOD'S only approved organization and finding out you were wrong.


  • Dustin

    I used to hate that when the elders would say that on their parts. It's one of their convenient ways of saying, "Gee we don't know, and you don't deserve to know either". God works in awesome ways.

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