how long disfellowshipped?

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  • Elsewhere

    I have seen situations where the elders fussed at a JW for not forgiving someone for "sinning against him" (such as not finishing a construction project or not repaying a loan or not fulfilling a business agreement). The elders became very agitated and angry... yet at the same time if a JW "sins against the organization", LOOK OUT! The WTS will NOT forgive you until you beg and grovel for long enough. You must prove that your are worthy of forgiveness from the WTS.

  • ColdRedRain
    I know a white sister who was DF'd for leaving her JW husband and marrying a black non-JW man.....reinstated after 6 years although she faithfully came to the meetings. (yes race was an issue)

    Another red flag that led to my exodus was that one of my study conductors was the first in his area to marry a white woman. Before then, it was secretly forbidden to marry a white woman.

  • eyeslice


    Isn't that a bit extreme?

    Yes, though I wouldn't have thought that anyone would be disfellowshipped simply for singing in a band. Perhaps there was more to it than that.

    As an ex-elder, I can confirm many of the comments here regarding the inconsistency. Some have been re-instated within months, others seem to go to all the meetings for years and still not get back in. Often it is a case of if your face fits.


  • sugarbritches

    Hi all forgiving--- I'm not the one who turned her back on him- it was the other way around- all because a few old men in Brooklyn says that if I'm not a witness then I am nothing. Thanks

  • sugarbritches

    Hi eyeslice--- I sang and played mandolin in the same band with this guy---along with about 6 otther people. He was told he couldn't assocaite with on a regular basis those who do not share his faith. I was told the same thing by the elders when I confronted them. If there was "more to it"- please leave me out of it. Thanks for your compassion

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