Comments You Will Not Hear at the 1-2-05 WT Study

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  • Fleur

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!! I just about choked on my tea just now. That is hilarious and a phrase I am tucking away for future reference LOL.

    Again, fabulous job as always, Blondie!



  • Blueblades

    Is AMOS and ANDY, you know the back in the day,they were one of the funniest shows on tv back then. Is there any relationship to this AMOS.

    Thanks Blondie!

  • jgnat

    True, Fleur. Think how much more fun it is to study the WT with a critical eye.

    One highlighter for CARROT ALERT(thanks, Blondie), another for BLAME (mark all the "should" statements), another for unsubstantiated claims and unattributed quotes. On bad days, I write my true feelings, (?AS IF?) in big, bold highlighter letters through the text. Helps keep my sanity. Is it my imagination, or is the WT more cautious about their sources since Blondie and I started looking them up?

    My pet peeve this week is the continued mudslinging at Christendom?s churches. All of her sins are lumped in one basket, without a shred of evidence. The WT speaks of the Church?s motives. (para 12)

    ...Christendom?s worship itself is not motivated by genuine love for God...

    ...she consistently soft-pedals God?s moral requirements

    (And? What about ?Wait on Jehovah? to fix the Organization? How about ?imperfect men?? Doesn?t the WTBTS do it?s own soft-peddling of their own error?)

    ...she tolerates fornication and other gross sins and even goes so far to bless homosexual unions!

    (All the churches? What percentage?)

    The WT speaks of the Church?s motives. Have they placed themselves in God?s judgement seat? Have they judged themselves worthy to break the seal and read from the lamb?s book of life?

  • lurk

    Other parallels can be noted?although some professed (only JWs are true Christians) Christians accept the truth of God?s Word, Christendom?s worship itself is not motivated by genuine love of God. If it were, she would insist on worshiping Jehovah "with spirit and truth" because that is the kind of worship that pleases him. (John 4:24)

    this used to make me cross, i never really liked hearing this judeging and trashing of peoples(non Jw) faith its like raising your self up by putting other peoples faith down .

    if a person is doing there best to be a christian ,why encourage christians to not value a persons efforts by claiming people they have not even met are only "professed" christians. i know plenty of people who do there best even when there own churchs might not be up to much. jesus pointed out the woman giving all she had as an offering to jehovah at the temple..jesus did not call her a "professed" jew just because he was angry at the jewish preists and they were to have there temple destroyed..instead he valued her efforts in the midst of a corupt leadership.

    its becoming clearer how cold the WTS is at heart.

    as CZAR said its devoid of any real meaning .......its really just a mismash of defensive statements.

    it isn't cohesive like past artilces have been .

    could it be the the WTs is losing the plot at last and is coimg apart at the defensive seems.?


  • heathen

    I think their argument on christianity does hold some truth to it . All over the world it seems there are some religions that want to be proclaimed the only legal religion whilst making laws forbidding other religions from freedoms . The WTBTS can at least make a claim that they never tried to make other religions banned by law . It always confused me the way they at times try to make nice with those they condemn when it came to law suits such as the cange from putting a price tag on literature to just asking for donations or in last weeks publication they were sounding like they were apalled by the way the SDA was being persecuted when in fact they view all other religions as the whore of babylon .

  • lurk

    heathen said

    I think their argument on christianity does hold some truth to it . All over the world it seems there are some religions that want to be proclaimed the only legal religion whilst making laws forbidding other religions from freedoms

    which religions are these apart from sections of islam an what others are doing it NOW in this past and present year? and where?

    its not really their argument ,most people prefer freedom of faith in a peacfull world .they trumpet the same ideas as many peacfull people..which at the door they would agree with but privatley belive everyone else is evil and is wrong to practice freedom of religion as this is all satans work.. in reality they dont really believe in" their own argument "as you call it. The WTS only trumpets the right to freedom of faith and only agrees with the UN etc so that they can go door to door in more places and get new recruits ready for the day when all other religions are destroyed.

    for them when the end comes and the governing body is in charge , risen mankind would be not free to follow what religion they want why would you think they truely believe in it now .?..i

    In fact freedom of religion is against WTS doctrine since it puts forward the idea that people can and should be helped to worship gods other than jehovah.but of course as with the UN senario the WTS is doing what suits its purposes and honesty and truth are pretty much victims of spiritual warfare.


  • heathen

    I was thinking about what was going on in Russia or Georgia . Canada and mexico also had the problem of the catholic church wanting exclusive rights to religious activities . It's nothing new but has been going on for milenia . True the WTBTS is only interested in their opportunity but so far has not made the same kind of case that they should be the only religion through the courts or with political pressure . They really did screw up by joining the UN as an NGO because they were not allowed to trash other religions as was their main focus , they had to make nice with what they considered the whore of babylon in order to comply . They couldn't even attack the political scene , I did notice there for awhile they couldn't even call the UN satanic or their most hated enemy . They really spred their legs wide during that whole association .

  • lurk

    so its not a wide spread problem is it really.

    its not new about the catholic church .

    and he WTS idont apply to be the only religion not cause they wouldnt or dont want to..its cause they cant..they simply cant do it ..its would be like he moonies applying to be americas only official religion ......theyd love it but its not even worth asking.


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