Corporal punishment

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  • JustTickledPink

    My opinion is that Jw's are into corporal punishment more than the general population. Maybe it's my imagination, maybe not.

    Do you remember being told "not to spare the rod" in disciplining children? Do you remember being that kid that got beat?

    I remember having to go to the bathroom during the meetings and being told if I didn't really have to pee, I would get a spanking... that my mom wasn't going to get up for nothing. Sure enough, we'd get up and I'd get so nervous about getting a spanking, I'd freeze up, couldn't pee and then I would get wailed on. I remember not being the only kid always getting spanked or hit in the KH bathroom or being drug outside "so as not to disturb the meetings" It was always so weird how they expected small children to sit for 2 hours of boring talks. Seriously, I can't sit through 2 hours now as an adult!

  • whyamihere

    I remember getting spanked! Funny thing is though I deserved everyone one of them and I should have gotten more. I was a good kid but I did naughty things everyonce in awhile. I was fun.

    I remember about 7 months back a little girl about 2 years old was lead into the bathroom as I was feeding my son and she was spanked. A vey hard spaking! I thought my god she is like 2 years old and she is getting beat. Her mother then said to her she was being naughty and she needed to listen to the speaker and that they were in Jehovah's house. I thought to myself be quiet Brooke just shut your mouth. However that didn't work. I laid my son down as he slept and I grabbed her hand from another hit and I told her one more time she did it I would do the same to her but 10 fold! She was so stunned. I said she is 2 what do you want from her she is 2. I told her to clean up her kid and calm her down go back in the hall and I said if I ever see you touch her like that again or your other kid I will beat you but I will not lead you in here I will do it infront of everyone.

    Well she left ....I felt so horrible for that kid but I had to say something. And knowing me I never keep my mouth shut!

    Brooke WI

  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    I didn't grow up as a JW, but I've seen that kind of thing many times. I now have 2 step girls, I've being going to meetings with them since they were 9 & 10 yo, and they would use coloring books and read kids story books while during the meeting, some did complain but I told my wife not to stop the children, after all, they are kids, what do they expect from children?? to take notes !!

  • embeth2525

    When I was little, At the meetings, I couldn't pay attention at all so I would doodle all over my watchtowers and my bible and notebooks ect ect ect. hehehehehehe.

  • JustTickledPink

    yes, TAKE NOTES! hahahaa....

    I remember a wife who would let her kids color and she was always gossiped about, how her kids should be PAYING ATTENTION!

  • pennycandy

    This is one of my biggest issues. Kids are not developmentally able to sit quietly for an hour until they are about 7. Hitting them when they are little does nothing but make everybody miserable and doesn't produce the desired results. I was spanked and I hated going to the kh. I swatted my first child a few times at the kh but always felt guilty for it, and he hated going.

    We are now a no-hitting family and have mostly well-behaved children. They all love going to church every week and doing their age-appropriate activities. What a relief!

    Also, as a mother, I dreaded each meeting with a little one because I knew he would not be still and quiet and I would end up in the back with him and everyone would be looking at me and wondering why I couldn't get my son to behave.

    Worship shouldn't be a burden. When it's so hard for both the children and the parents, it's just not joyful.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    JWs use corporal punishment as much as the next religion. Just my opinion.


  • Odrade

    I would add to that: JWs use corporal punishment as much as the next high-control religion. I would expect there are many moderate religions that do not condone beating your child for minor infractions, if at all.

    whyamihere, GOOD FOR YOU! It's good to know there are a few people with commonsense in the KH (or were, haha, those type tend to get out.) I wish you had been there for me when I was a toddler getting beat in the bathroom/backroom/furnace room/behind the hall.

  • jwbot

    Oh man, this is one aspect of the religion that really shocks others who did not grow up in the religion. My fiance especially, as he is a firm believer in no physical dicipline like that...his mom is the same way. His little sister who is 3 years old is VERY well behaved and a reasonable need for spanking...ever. Ever had your pants pulled down and spanked when you were young? I do. I hated going to the meetings, I always felt like I was going to get a beating.

  • pennycandy

    I grew up in a very old, small kh in a residential neighborhood. We kids were brought onto the front porch to be spanked. Sometimes there was a line at the door. The neighbors started complaining about hearing all the small children screaming. So, from the platform, the parents were asked to not spank their children outside anymore; bring 'em to the bathroom to beat 'em.

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