You caught me in a cultural mood..........

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  • hillbilly
    Sonnets from the Portuguese


    ' My future will not copy fair my past'--
    I wrote that once; and thinking at my side
    My ministering life-angel justified
    The word by his appealing look upcast
    To the white throne of God, I turned at last,
    And there, instead, saw thee, not unallied
    To angels in thy soul ! Then I, long tried
    By natural ills, received the comfort fast,
    While budding, at thy sight, my pilgrim's staff
    Gave out green leaves with morning dews impearled.
    I seek no copy now of life's first half:
    Leave here the pages with long musing curled,
    And write me new my future's epigraph,
    New angel mine, unhoped for in the world !

    E.B.Browning ~~~Hill

  • candidlynuts

    thats very cultured..i applaud you. now explain it..

    is an epigraph the same as an epitaph?

  • notperfectyet

    Hey nuts,

    Hill is going through a stage, a divorce after being lied too and all that implies.

    He is being dark and reflective. Give him support.

    Like he did me when I went through it and he called me nuts.

    You know I love you Hilly..hang in there.

  • xenawarrior

    lol candidly ! No it's like a spirograph !

    Hilly, are you in love?

  • candidlynuts

    hey i wasnt pickin on him! epigraph is an unfamiliar word to me!

    besides, i offered to fix him gravy tonight!

    and xena if he ate my gravy he'd be in love.. ( boy does that sound dirty or is it just me?)

  • xenawarrior

    lol, I didn't think you were pickin on him -hilly has a good sense of humor.

    And I didn't know what an epigraph was either

    LMAO @ the gravy thing !!


  • redhotchilipepper

    Nice poem. Sorry guys looked up epigraph in the dictionary and it's not there. I think he's inventing words again. Hillbilly??? I'm glad you put the perverted part about the gravy so I know I'm not the only perverted woman in the world, cause my mind went there right away. Holy crap that's funny. LMAO

  • redhotchilipepper

    How exactly does cultural turn sexual?

  • candidlynuts

    (preens and fluffs the emu feathers) " honey add feathers to anything and it turns sexual" lmao

  • hillbilly

    I can always depend on you

    epigraph = story of future (if I remember right)

    In love? Whatever?..... I have about half a major in English and English lit finished. Underneath my crusty exterior I have always had a warm spot for the writings fo Elizabeth Browning.

    ~ Hill

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