Ozzie's Wine of the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Century!!!!

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  • ozziepost

    Ohhhhh, this is incredible!!!! I'm feeling its warm glow down my throat...oh, it's heaven! I've tasted a lot of shiraz but this one's just........incredible!!!

    Burton 2000 McLaren Vale Shiraz




    100% Shiraz




    McLaren Vale, South Australia


    Bronze Medals; BWA 2003, Perth 2002, Melbourne 2002, Rutherglen 2002, Hobart 2002, Hobart 2003, IWC (UK) 2004

    Picture of 2000 McLaran Vale 								Shiraz

    Mclaren Vale enjoys sandy loam soils and maritime climatic conditions which combine to produce fruit of exceptional quality. The area is perhaps best known for its Shiraz grape which ripens so perfectly under these conditions.

    The 2000 vintage will be remembered for its low summer rains that led to reduced yields but very high quality fruit. After pressing, the wine fermented in a mix of both French and American oak for 15 months before bottling. The resultant wine has a wonderful purple colour, strong aroma, and is well structured with a long firm finish.

    What more can i say? Well, I prob'ly will but just now I want more!!!

    If you can get some, you'll never be sorry!

    Check it out: http://www.burtonpremiumwines.com.au/winesp.htm

    Cheers and cheers again, Ozzie

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    I will go to the liqour store this evening and see if I can find some. Thnx for the tip Ozzie.

  • Country_Woman

    Ozzie, wait til you have the opportunity to taste mine - for the first time in my life I have made my own wine - and I think it taste much better then what ever I bought in the stores......

    When you are ever here, do try it... 14% alcohol made from grapes - blackberries - elderberries.

  • BrendaCloutier

    My spousal unit really enjoys Ravenwood Shiraz.

    I'll be sure to tell him about this one.

  • Billygoat
    My spousal unit really enjoys Ravenwood Shiraz.

    I've tried some of the Ravenswood wines and they're actually pretty nice for their price. Although I love the occassional Shiraz, my favorite red is either McGuigans Black Label Merlot (I think it's from Australia) or a nice Italian Amarone. Yummeeee!


  • Preston

    That beats my Andrew Murray...

  • ozziepost


    It's a date!I'll be looking forward to it - mooi!


  • candidlynuts

    what? you all dont drink 2 month old koolaid ?

    hehe my fave wine is kendall jackson chardonnay.. probably not in league with you connesieurs but then again i'm a poorass emu.

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