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    I know this may sound strange but I would like some input on the following. I have a handful of friends (some in the org and some out) that are saying that "God" is talking to them. He is communicating directly or using an angel. Basically, they are getting a lot of the same information. Armageddon is coming soon and they are being tested to see if they can rule the earth. So they are being put through all kinds of tests and training getting them ready to oversee the activities in the "New World Order". They are being told that they are the only one that this is happening to. They are told "special" info regarding the new earth, and only they have this information revealed to them. These people are so sure it is coming from God that they are willing to give up friendships, family, anything if you don't believe them.

    Is anyone else experiencing this/or have experienced this?


  • minimus

    Another put on.

  • Satanus

    I'm glad you asked that. It's one of those sicknesses, like flu, schitzophrenia, or cancer that people get. I think the curent climate of fear and tension causes people to be more suseptible. Keep up your own immunity by restricting your exposure to infected ones, watch less tv, listen less to radio, read less new mags. To keep up your immunity, make sure that you get your daily allowance of fun things, physical activity, nature in the form of trees, grass, rivers and lakes, sunset, get enough booze, etc. Good health to you.


  • Satanus

    Ps, do not attempt to cure infected ones, as this causes you pain and frustration. If you enjoy those, then a running headbut against a brick wall can be more fulfilling.

  • qwerty
    Is anyone else experiencing this/or have experienced this?Is anyone else experiencing this/or have experienced this?

    All the time!

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    People like that all think they are "special and one of a kind."

    Pfft. There are medications for sort of thing.

    Country Girl

    "I see dead people."

  • Nocturne

    Are any of them posting on the e-Watchman's forum?


    Has anyone here ever talked with the other world and been told that they are being trained to rule over the "new world?" Some of the stuff they are told comes true and some of it doesn't. Like one was told something big and tragic was going to happen right before 9/11 and it did. Then later they were told that Armageddon was going to come on a certain date and it didn't! They said that they must have got the info wrong....I just would like to know or get an idea of how many people this is happening to and what they think about it.


  • czarofmischief

    Not me. I'm a believer, but nothing like that has happened. Ask Littletoe; he had something like that happen...


  • codeblue

    I totally agree: that is Wierd Stuff!!! I have never heard any JW say that to me.

    Wondering, what drug of choice they are using?.....lol

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