Motorcycles are no good

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  • one

    This is a new topic so not to contradict myself (bigdeal), with garbage i posted in a previous thread, started by Bean.

    Contrary to what Valis posted vague opinion, I still believe that the motorcycle is a reinvented glorified (no merit) bycicle.

    i also BELEIVE that it was reinvented by (or ordered by ) a lazy, or semiparilitic son of bin oil magnate.

    I tell you anyone who do that to the ozone deserve to be called anything you want.

    I mean the ozone was just fine until they found out that the liquidblackgoldmilkshake was good business.

    my opinion about those businesspigs is not going to be modified or reinvented until they mass produce motorcycles that run on water (read fuelcell),

    any way it will be big business again for idontknowwhoyet.

    It is something they know exactly how to do it, knowledge that for decades they decided not use massively,

    they have used such a knowledge only to fly to the moon (and other dry planets) and make a ridiculous show jumping over it and planting some lousy flag, several decades ago.

    What have YOU got out of it?, it was a moon fly funded exclusively with YOUR money.

    what's more,

    i also BELEIVE that tonight i will have a beer or two, TG it is ONE day after Friday.

    But i have not pissed my pants so the "urine miracle" (tm) may not work .tonight either.

  • Valis

    it would be cool if the invented hydrogen cell powered i could just pee in the tank and go another 160 miles or so on 3 gallons.


    District Overbeer

  • Satanus


    i could just pee in the tank and go another 160 miles or so on 3 gallons.

    How much beer do you have to drink while you are riding to get 3 gallons of pee?


  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    Is it motorcycles, or any fossil fuel using conveyance?

    how do you get to work? doctor? grocery store? yo mama's house?

    yeah, it sux being one who contributes to the demise of the ozone layer, but till reliable affordable alt is available for the general public, what's a person to do?

    Valis-you men always have had the 'pee advantage'. Gives me a whole new mental pix of a 'service station'.

  • one


    they have been invented, military is using it, just the public is not allow to enjoy, giving us the short end of...

    not to mention four whell vehicles, buses, submarines etc etc

    your pee is no good at least if dont destill it first, this machine does not take sexual advances, i know you know the "urine miracle" (tm)


    i have the complete plan so you can do it yourself to your car, this plan does not work for fuel injection yet..., but any fuel injection can be converted to carburation. (that's progress)

    i just dont have the time. only WATER is needed and a good alternator/generator if the original is not a good one.

    whoever asked ("Gives me a whole new mental pix of a 'service station'" ) forgot to ask him if it is a female or male pix what you want to see. Either way is so easy to visualize, not as easy to do for "weak" gender.

  • shamus

    Just FYI,

    They are installing hydrogen stations from Vancouver Canada to Whistler for the 2010 olympic games. It's coming.. maybe another 30 years or so.

  • Bendrr

    Motorcycles are just great!

    There's nothing like having a powerful engine situated between your legs with only two wheels insulating you from the road rocketing below you.

    That said, never forget the downside.

    While you're riding down some scenic highway, some dumbass soccer mom is out there weaving down the road yakking on her cell phone and she'll never see you until its too late.

    Take that as you will.


  • hd1gator

    Motorcycles are also a way of life for some. Personally, I am one of them. Sorry for the extra ozone depletion I created with the 6500 miles I logged this summer, but, what's a scooter tramp to do?

  • one


    "and she'll never see you until its too late."

    exacly the reason why i sold my third motorcycle and haven't ryde one since . , BUT forr the last couple of years i feel like doing it again.

    in my case was HE (not she) and without a cel phone,

    btw ban cel while driving NOW

    hd1gator ,

    "what's a scooter tramp to do?"

    go get an electric one (fuel cell) ASAP, just keep looking until you find it.

  • hd1gator
    go get an electric one (fuel cell) ASAP, just keep looking until you find it.

    I could be "electric biker boy" then, and my motto could be........ "eat my ac/dc baby!" I would fit that persona so well.

    Wow.......never dawned on me before.

    Am googling now!

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