3 paged article in Marie Claire re. Jehovah's

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  • Country_Woman

    Today I saw an article in the "MarieClaire" a magazine.

    It was the story of a woman who at age 15 begun to question the JW and at age 25 decided to quit.

    For this purpose she moved to another town, did'nt tell anybody that she was once a witness and told everybody that her parents died at a young age. (both are still living - but she haven't seen them for more then 10 years now)

    The article ended with a note from the redaction that the cult is loosing members because some 30% of the youngsters are leaving the movement.

    I've sent an e-mail to the redaction mentioning this board and asked them to forward the address to the person involved. Hope she finds her way to us.

    Anyhow, this is anti reclame.

  • LyinEyes

    Thanks for sharing that Country Woman,,,,,,Marie Claire is one of my favorite magazines, I will get it today.

  • willyloman

    Thanks for posting this. It would help to know which Marie Claire issue the article appears in. Is it a current issue? Look on the front and tell us what month is on the cover.

  • Country_Woman

    It was the November 2004 number - page 82.

    But it was in the Dutch issue - I don't think that the US version has the same articles.

  • Country_Woman

    A friend of mine did scan the article and placed it on the internet.

    For the ones under us who are able to read Dutch, the URL is:


  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Thanks for the info. Panther

  • hubert

    I checked a "Borders" book store here today, in the U.S.A., and they already had the December issues out on the shelves. I asked and they didn't have any of the November issues. Too bad...I would have loved to see that in there, I would have bought the magazine for my research.

    Thanks for posting this, though. Maybe someone will find the article in English and post it.


  • dorothy

    I am hoping this article is published in the Canadian edition too. Magazines that are published in more than one country usually have different content. Better do a flip-through before buying it.

  • ozziepost

    Thanks for the news, Country Woman. Very interesting stuff!

    This statistic is very heartening:

    some 30% of the youngsters are leaving the movement

    I hope this will impact on mine!!!!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • willyloman

    Ozziepost said:

    This statistic is very heartening:

    some 30% of the youngsters are leaving the movement

    I think the number is low; in many areas of the country, I've heard estimates that were much higher. Reviewing an old phone list form a previous congo we were associated with for many years revealed more than half the "children" did not grow up to be JWs (the phone list had names of kids in parentheses and I did a count). Of the 45% or so who did "stay in the truth," many of them were "marginal" witnesses (from my vantage point as an elder there). Several had been DF'd but got reinstated so they could associate with their families and then faded into a zone of occasional attendance and minimum participation. Only a handful became the kind of witnesses their parents hoped they would.

    Ironically, this was in a congo with nearly 90 kids under 18 (at the time), and at the high school level many of the "youths" had what we called "theocratic goals," so it was a congo with lots of positive peer pressure. I was amazed at the results when I reviewed the phone list. I'd have thought the numbers would be much higher.This is the WTS' "dirty little secret," that they can't keep their kids "in." I suspect this sows seeds of discontent with folks of my generation who have "lost" their kids. It will only lead to a further slow down in activity and the loss of more publishers.

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