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  • redskymedic

    My husband actually found this site and had me check it out. It's funny that I never though to go looking myself.

    A little background on me~ I was raised from birth as a JW . . . mom was a witness, dad was not. Parents divorced over it when I was 11. Unfortunately, my dad never stuck up for me or defended my option to *choose* whether or not this religion was what I wanted. My mother was very domineering and controlling, so if I wanted life to go smoothly for me, I had no choice but to go along. Never really had it in my heart (even though I was talked into getting baptized), and by the time I was 16 I was seriously rebelling. Stuck it out, though, until I was 18 and got pregnant (oops, there was that rebelling again), I was DF-ed, but being young and on my own with a baby on the way, I started back to meetings and got RI just before my son was born. Fast-forward 3 years later . . . meet a guy, not a witness, and well, I end up DF-ed again. This time, I was working and needed no more assistance from mom, so I decided to wash my hands of the religion altogether.

    It has been 9 years now and I still have issues with my family. My mother has recently contacted the KH in my area and gave them my phone number . . . I'm not too impressed. Apparently she is still holding out hope that I will return. She will come over and babysit for me but otherwise won't 'associate' with me. I have a baby daughter now and I think it's driving her nuts that she can't see her more often. Hey, that's her problem not mine and certainly no reason for me to go crawling back to a religion that I don't agree with.

    So, anyway, didn't intend for this to turn into a novel. It's so nice to finally find others like me! Happy to be joining you all!


  • Valis

    Welcome to the forum Redsky!


    District Overbeer

  • Evesapple

    welcome Reds! I too have been out 9 years and it drives my mother nuts not being able to see (control) my life and children (14 years old and 18 months old)....I moved to another state to start clean, met a wonderful Jewish Man got married and had a son. It's a shame what a stronghold that religeon has on them, they cannot see the stupidity of their actions. I wish you well...this site helps me a lot even if I'm just browsing through to read some of the threads its strengthening to me.


  • DanTheMan
    I have a baby daughter now and I think it's driving her nuts that she can't see her more often. Hey, that's her problem not mine and certainly no reason for me to go crawling back to a religion that I don't agree with

    You are absolutely correct, the problem is her and her joykill religion, not you, regardless of how she tries to make you feel. There is no excuse for the JW shunning practices.

    Welcome to the board!

  • bisous

    oh blah blah blah ... setfree, you need to follow your own moniker and set your mind free from cult'like thinking. the bible was written by imperfect people (such as yourself) ...

    Welcome Redsky, you'll find what you need here ... whether it is exploring doctrine or just some folks who've been where you have. enjoy!

  • kat2u

    And welcome to you Redsky generally the people on here are less jugemental and more understanding

    Meaning setfree and the attitude there

  • jgnat

    Welcome, redsky, and very fine introduction indeed. So many newcomers end up writing more than they expected. Believe me, it is not too long, and it is a joy to read. Real people and real stories is what makes this board so interesting. My son is mentally ill, lives on the street, picks unsavoury people to hang out with, forgets to shower, experiments with drugs, and shows up at the house unexpectedly. Nevertheless, he is a tender soul, and he always is welcomed with generous busomy hugs whenever he comes by. It is my choice to be in his life and model beautiful behavior. One of my most treasured gifts ever was a mangled carnation that he cradled under his winter jacket and presented to me at my office.

    If he cannot be with his mother, who does he spend his time with?

    It sounds like you have a great perspective on who your mother is and what you owe her. Her loss.

  • WildHorses

    Redsky, welcome!

  • little witch
    little witch

    You need not feel guilty for bringing life into the world! We celebrate your life and the life of your children here. Kids and parenthood are a reason to cheer and celebrate, not shun and be embarrassed.(that is a jw thing)

    I am sure you are a wonderful parent! Welcome to JWD, I hope you will find yourself welcome and comforted here.


  • jgnat

    A thread just for you, setfree:


    Thanks jgnat and kat2U for setting a welcome thread just for setfree. If your post was edited or removed it can be found on the link above.


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