JWs Are Sneaky Liars!

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  • minimus

    That's Bible Students' stuff.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Well guess what, Min?

    When I put that to my JW father he agreed with it. When I said, "but Satan is the Father of the Lie, so how do you know it it is the Truth?", he looked me in the eye and said, "Because it IS the Truth!!"

    Great defence.

    That was a turning point in my relationship with my father. I knew at that instant, that the most honest, rightious, religious man I ever knew, was nothing but an EFing liar, and would resort to anything, no matter how squalid, to try to get me to join him in his evil.

    And what's this mark thing? I don't recall anything about that!

  • heathen

    JWs are lying, theiving , manipulative , mentally ill , judgemental hypocrites . I know what you are talking about a liar never likes to be lied too just like a theif doesn't like being robbed . I've even noticed this with the police who IMO are lying ,theiving frauds but by God don't lie to them about anything .

  • minimus

    What has gotten to my mom the most is that she is realizing how underhanded the elders and circuit "serpent" (as she refers to him) are. It's an eye opener!!

  • kwintestal

    Would this be somewhere that the JW's consider the bible to contradict itself, or is it just "fine print"?

    One vs. says "Let your yes mean yes, and your no, no" And yet you aren't to "Throw what is fine before dogs"

    Oh, Jesus didn't mean all the time!


  • minimus

    The WT. is filled with changes, glossing over, contradictory statement and bad advice. In the end they lawyer their way out of things and tell us we were the ones that misunderstood! LIARS!!!!

  • figureitout

    I was never told to lie when I was out in service ever. Maybe what we have found out we no longer believe is to be true but I was never told to lie. Then again 99% of the time I went out in service I only talked about how god and jesus loved us. Never talked about the curret watchtower, I would offer it to them but I thought it was more important for people to regoize the love God and Jesus had for us more then what the WT had to say...

  • minimus

    Figureitout, you were a lousy Witness for not sticking to the "suggestions" from the "slave".

  • setfree

    Do have anything in the publications or the bible for that matter to back up what you say? Or is that your perseption?

  • setfree

    You should write a book.....somewhere else please

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