Assumption of Moses

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  • Leolaia

    Why are you so upset? I tried to state my opinion in as a respectful and inoffensive way, but apparently I still put you off. I'm sorry if I gave you any hard feelings....we can disagree without being disagreeable. There is still in interesting irony here, that our disagreement is over the sense of the Greek word diakrinomai, meaning "dispute with someone on the basis of different judgments" according to Louw and Nida (with dielegto "saying in disagreement [with another]"), or more literally, "judge between [positions] for oneself". My original point, calling attention to the verb as being in middle voice, and followed by dielegto having "the Devil" as a second participant, is that it means less "judging between [positions] with oneself dividedly" (as if an internal indecision between judgments) and more "judging between [positions] for oneself" in opposition to another having a different opinion (which is clearly what is involved in Jude 9). Stephen Carlson makes a similar point on his website:

    The thing is...interlinear glosses are only glosses. They are not nuanced translations taking into account the context. Diakrinรณ can mean different things ("criticize," "doubt," "judge between choices," "second-guess," "dispute") depending on such things as the number of participants (in this case, two), whether the verb is negated, the voice of the verb, as well as non-grammatical cues....

  • SixofNine

    Oh, and I suppose you don't think that that is really Michael the ArchAngel peddling with Moses in the bicycle basket either?? Well save your references to the history of bicycle manufacturing for people who don't have eyes of faith, smartypants!

    P~~~ ;-)

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I'm not upset, Leolaia. Are you upset?

  • Leolaia

    Oh good, I thought from your sarcasm you were upset. (((hugs)))

  • toreador

    May be off topic but maybe you could give me what you think.

    Do you think any Scripture is actually "inspired" of God? I tend to think it is just mans writings of what they thought was their experience with God.

  • googlemagoogle

    Do you think any Scripture is actually "inspired" of God?

    of course not. but these "scriptures" are interesting historical documents which still have huge impact on our culture. and if you want to show someone that the bible aint god's word, you better be familiar with it.

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