Can you believe you followed this stuff and believed it?

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  • wizedup

    My husband and I amuse each other with recollections of the "spiritual" language, sometimes with tears of laughter. We sometimes gasp at the thought we took all that stuff so seriously for nearly 40 and 33 years. Every meeting, we had to be there, listening to the demands for obedience, loyalty,and submission. Then worse yet thinking if we disobeyed them, we disobeyed Jehovah. I so often wonder, how could I not have seen the difference?

    We look back at so many things and wonder, "How did we ever believe all this crap?" We're appalled at some of the things we believed.

    Please finish my sentence, " I'm appalled that I ever believed.....?"

  • avishai

    ....that if I played with myself I'd die at Armaggedon. Not that I ever DID play with it, mind you!!!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    .... stuff bough at yard/garage sales and 2nd hand stores could be demonized.


  • Swan

    " I'm appalled that I ever believed.....?"

    ...that apostates were so evil because they were puppets being used by Satan and beyond all reason or love. They were out for revenge because they were doomed to destruction, because of their envy of the relationship the JWs had with Jehovah, and because of what they had lost. That's why the apostates want to take as many JWs as they can with them.

    I just never stopped and thought it through. If apostates really missed all of that, why not just repent and go back? Why does Satan try so hard if he is doomed anyway? Why bother if we are doomed or in such despair? I never considered it was due to the WTBTS own shunning policies! I never considered that apostates, some, like I was, raised from infancy to appreciate truth, would, once finding out the real truth, be so upset that they became determined to expose the JW lies to their families and bring them out of that enslavement.

    Actually, I did have a glimmer of this in the 80's when a bunch of us went to Portland to look for some Bible translations. We ended up in a Xian bookstore, and I saw this book on the shelf, 35 Years a Watchtower Slave. My brother actually pointed it out to me, and mentioned it was an apostate book. The title was enough to start me thinking a little more. I had already had doubts based on 1975, the denial that the WTBTS ever said 1975, the hidden pictures in the WT, and Ray Franz' disfellowshipping. The Creation book only fueled the fire.

    By the time I left in 1994, I knew that probably Armageddon wasn't coming, that the Watchtower was probably wrong about some things, but I wasn't absolutely sure. I just knew there were inconsistencies I couldn't resolve, and that they couldn't either, and I wasn't going to wait around for them any longer with my life on hold. After I left it took me about a year and a half to start looking into information about cults in general, and Jehovah's Witnesses in particular. I read about the real reason for the free food at the assemblies. I knew they were a cult, but had no idea the extent of their lies.

    Even though I new the JWs were all wet, I still couldn't bring myself to associate with apostates or read Ray Franz books until Summer of 2002. It was then I was floored with internet website revelations about the child abuse scandals, the UN, the Rand connection, and the 607 lie. I actually went to the library and researched 607. In 587 Jerusalem fell according to almost every historian scholar, and even the website of the nation of Israel. Those that didn't think it was 587 thought it might be 586.

    Maybe I'm most appalled that I just took everything they told me for granted. I never checked it out for myself. One day in the library checking some quotes, checking historic dates, etc. might have saved me, and possibly my family, years of heartache.


  • Fleur

    ...that the judicial arrangement is a protection for the congregation and that they are given holy spirit to decide on matters.

    The judicial 'arrangement' is nothing but a big fat blind behind which the guilty hide. They play at being 'repentant' and get to stay in, and the victimized get the boot.


  • Swan

    I thought of another one.

    If one person sins and covers it up, then our loving God Jehovah will punish the whole congregation by withholding his Holy Spirit and protection no matter how honest, righteous, and zealous the rest of the congregation is. However, if that one confesses to the elders, then Jehovah's Spirit can flow through the congregation again, like a spiritual nozzle opening up. So the whole fate of 50 or 100 people or more is dependent on the confession of this one individual. Yeah, right!

    Actually though, I never bought into this one totally. I never told the elders about my secret "sins" because I figure it was between me and God; not me, God, a plumber, a painter, and a janitor.


  • Fleur

    What is really entertaining is to tell my never a JW husband some of the stuff for the first time and watch his reaction to it. When he says "How can anyone ever believe that?" I say "hey, don't look at me, they had me as a zygote."

  • wizedup

    If one person sins and covers it up, then our loving God Jehovah will punish the whole congregation by withholding his Holy Spirit and protection no matter how honest, righteous, and zealous the rest of the congregation is.

    SWAN: my, ohh, my , I actually forgot about that. That will gives us a few more giggles tonite. Thanks.

    FLEUR: We keep wondering the same thing! How could anyone believe that? ooops....that was us.

    Isn't it funny when you escape for awhile how rediculous so many things become? Yet it goes to show how gradual brainwashing can be used to control a person. All of a sudden you say," How on earth did we get here?"


  • Sassy

    yeah.. I agree, it is really hard to explain to a non JW how some of that stuff made sense at the time..

    the only thing I can say is I was raised from the time I was a toddler and told this stuff.. I didn't know any different..

    I can only imagine how it is to become a JW as an adult.. how they caught those when volnerable or something..

  • candidlynuts

    if you round up 15 min to the next hour on your service report its a sin..

    if your service overseer asks you to add a few hours to keep the congregation avg up its following spiritual leadership.

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