Signs of Discouragement in the Org.

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  • cyberguy

    I agree with your observation JH! JW?s are slowing done, at least in the US! The current "witnesses" efforts are a fraction of what I grew up with!

    Interestingly, my street isn?t hit, but once a year if that! Most JW?s in the area prefer to ride around, and around, and around, and around (got you spinning yet?), make a few "calls" on folks they know are not home, then go home themselves, often without talking to a single person!

    When I still went out in field service, one of the pioneers in my Congo actually kept her time going at a restaurant the car group ended up at, by making sure a tract was visible from a pocket in her skirt! She made the group aware that this is what she was doing, because she needed the "time!"

  • wizedup

    We noticed alot of discouragement and slowing down. We changed halls to escape it three times and in the last hall, only two or three brothers met for service during the week. When we visited the hall to "check it out", we were told they had "wonderful groups meeting 2xdaily. We will love it there."LIE! ( They were so desparate to have us there) .

    Meeting were like robots. Stiff walking people doing what they had to do, no smiles and the ones that were, were forced. ( I know because mine was and I was considered such a happy person.) No association, same people commenting, no life, no spirit.

    I don't know if it was because the end hadn't come and many were suffering inside, or the iron hand of Brooklyn was too heavy, but it was definately there.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    She complained bitterly and heart brokenly when the policy changed in '95.

    My parents only see what they want to see, and, judging from a recent conversation, they never noticed that change.

    In their 80s, they don't remember that when they first joined, Christ returned in 1874, and they couldn't give a shite anyway.

    The Troof is the truth, and that's it, and who am I to question it?

    No discouragement there.

    They have lived through so many Armageddons that nothing will stop them dying faithful JWs now.

  • iiz2cool

    You thought the JWs were positive thinking? I thought so when I first became a JW, but soon discovered it was a facade. How can they possibly be positive thinking? They go through life criticizing the world and everything in it. They're even super critical of their own members if they're not 100% 'in step' with the organization. Running others down is what they do best.

    They paste on their smiles for the meetings, but that's it. They're the most negative people I've ever met.


  • mkr32208

    I just ask my wife about the generation change and if she remembered anyone really making a big deal out of it here because I didn't... she just started getting pissed again so I dropped it.

    She used to manage a witness owned health food store here in Jax and I remember there were lots of elderly sisters who worked there and they all said they would never die. I've never really thought about it but all three died shortly after the "new light" came out so I guess they must have noticed... sad most of them worked right up till weeks before they died if not days. No retirements, no savings... sad

  • Gill

    Hi everyone,

    It seems to me that yes there is more discouragement that we realise in the 'truth'. The congregation we used to go to has recently joined with another congregation in an unnecessary venture to build their own KH when they already had one they could share. The financial burden on the poor brothers is ENORMOUS and the work they have had to put in and are still having to put in makes them look and sound like the walking dead.

    I wondered whether all this frantic activity they have had to be involved in has been a ruse to stop any deep thinking taking place or just to keep them too busy to care whether the truth is the truth.

    They all decided or were persuaded to decide not to go on holiday this year and to put the money they would have spent into the new hall and they don't see that all they've done is move 200 yards down the road, for WHAT?!

    The heavy hand of Brooklyn keeps them too busy to break wind never mind think.

    I feel very sorry for them. They are afraid not to be busy so that they are not found resting when Judgement Day arrives. They deserve some pity.

    Remember how difficult it has been for most of us to leave the organization. If you're too busy to think for yourself, what with meetings, field service, studying, security duty at the new KH, holding down a full time job...etc!!!!

    Whar can the poor souls do?

  • garybuss

    I see an individual and an organizational level commitment to overcome discouragement. The underlaying theme in literature is "the" discouragement. Keep working for the goal (don't acknowledge the discouragement). Don't give up (don't acknowledge the discouragement). Don't listen to the apostates (don't acknowledge the discouragement). Remember you had a good life in service to us (don't acknowledge the discouragement).

    Every meeting, every publication, is a testimonial for the underlying discouragement. The Witness people are actors with a happy face painted on, plodding on in discouragement and inside they hear a voice that says, (don't acknowledge the discouragement).

  • Elsewhere
    The trouble is most JWs are conditioned not to admit being discouraged. Even if it requires fooling themselves. They'd rather blame themselves than the org.

    I did that for soooo long.

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