How is the WTS like other religions?

by Triple A 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Triple A
    Triple A

    The Pharisees and Jehovah's Witness base their salvation in works and not grace of God.

    The similarity with the Roman Catholic Church.

    Both the Pope and the Governing body claim inspiration.

    No salvation exists outside of their organization or their Baptism.

    Also salvation is based in works not faith.

    The Bible can not be understood without the Anionted/Popes interpretation and forbid the use of the Bible alone.

    You must use their official writings, creeds, and Watchtower/Awake and they discouraging independent thinking.

    Both feel that leaving their organization leads to eternal damnation and every other church is heretical and false.

    The authority of each is not to be questioned (Rome/Pope says or Brooklyn/President says).

    I wonder s ince the governments have these similar traits, if you see more Catholics come to the Witness faith than you do Protestants?

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