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  • vitty

    and Jesus continually speak to satan and his demons. There are many account in the old and new testiment where they talk to satan.

    In the account of job, when Jehovah and the angels where having a "meeting" Satan walk right to the front and spoke to Jehovah. He didnt go and tell him to sit at the back of the hall,and he didnt tell no one not to listen to such an evil apostate, he addressed his accusations. So did Jesus when he was in the desert.

    So if its ok for them, to speak to apostates, its should be ok for us!!!!

    Just a thought

  • Will Power
    Will Power


    every couple of milliea a situation might arise where you might have to bite the big one and actually talk to lowlife.

    and the WT says in those situations it is ok.


  • Dansk

    I believe the Watchtower instigated shunning originally over the Ray Franz affair (?). It had to shut Ray up and thought the best way was to weave some Biblical credence into directing the membership to keep its distance from such persons. Thereafter, the teaching was applied to everyone who stepped out of line.

    To his immense credit Ray didn't shut up and I liken Simon's forum as another major thorn in Watchtowers rapidly bleeding side. These people have done so much to enlighten thousands trapped inside the Borg, desperately wanting to get out. It's a wonderful feeling knowing one is not alone.


  • crinklestein

    JW's would simply say that it's ok for God to talk to demons because there is no chance of Him being corrupted by their ideas and morals.

  • vitty

    I read C.C in the summer.

    It caused me heartbreak and so much sorrow, it created problems that have kept me awake at night. But it released from so much fear, I would love to thank Ray Franz personally, and thank him for my future. whatever it holds

    The WT will remain, I have to come to terms with that. I can only pray my family will see the truth, if it wasnt for the shunning rule I wonder how many would leave???

    Dansk, I wish I had your courage to tell my family my position!

  • wizedup

    I didn't shunned my children when they got DF'd as teenagers. Felt the false guilt now and then when speaking to them, but couldn't bring myself to turn my back on anyone for mistakes they made, especially my own flesh. (However, I do admit to shunning those I didn't personally know)

    I'm so glad because last year when we DA'd I went to all of them and profusely with tears, begged their forgivness for raising them in this cult. They too were forgiving. We're a real family now. Can you imagine if I had turned my back on them, what they could have done to me for ruining so many years of their life?

    What goes around comes around.

  • Carmel

    Well Dansk, I was shunned long before friend Franz left the borg so I don't think it was on his account that the all wise FDS instituted the program.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    To survive in war the weak avoid encounters with the strong

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