What's your worst Turkey disaster? ... or Food disaster?

by BrendaCloutier 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stefanie
    Oh shoot Stef, I did that recently with a bbq grill. A huge fireball came flying out & burned all the hair off my arm. scared the crap outta me. My husband came flying over & I said "well, I won't be doing THAT again". Funny now, but I gave up lighting the thing ever again!

    She kinda gave up for a while too, then got better each year.

    Wanna hear the scary part? She managed the school districts cafeterias!

  • franklin J
    franklin J


    sounds like your husbands family was a guest at this dinner party.....

    Anyone with a big dog has a similar tale to tell. This animals are so much a part of the family that they just help themselves to whatever they like.....

  • wizedup

    Just a few days ago.

    I have a recipe for a pineapple cake. Delicious and moist! I thought to myself, "Self, why not make a pina colada cake?" Used the same recipe, added overripe bananas to use them up and added coconut extract instead of vanilla. With all the other ingredients it seemed to be very "colada". Baked it and the first bite was "interesting". The next day, it was moldy and dripping wet. The overripe bananas will next time be used for bread!

  • Xandria

    Well, our sister R. told me about making her first turkey. In which the first thing I said, was you forgot to thaw it. She said HOW did you know. We both laughed. I know because it happened to me.

    Let's see, there was the time mom made pot roast (we called it rubber roast..you know "NO BLOOD") you'd chew until you felt like your jaw was going to drop off. Well she checked the roast and was distracted for a minute by us. The cat got into the oven after the roast.

    Mom closed the oven, not realizing the cat was in there. About 3 minutes later, we heard the cat. We could not figure out where it was coming from. We all were looking through the house. Then mom exclaimed, "No! It can be! It's coming from the oven!" We all ran to the kitchen. Mom opened the oven and out flew the cat with it's tail on fire. We grabbed the towels and grabbed the cat, smacking him out.

    The smell of charred furr.. ewwwww. Poor Kitty! He was all right after we cleaned his tail and put ointment on the burn on his tail. He never tried that again.


  • AuntieJane

    Ever forget and leave the little plastic bag with the yukky parts inside the bird? Yeah. I remembered about it after a couple of hours so I pulled the bird out of the oven, poked and prodded and out plopped the baggie. Kind of reminded me of giving birth! Ugh, not pretty.

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