The elders called!

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  • nb-dfed

    I was home the other night, minding my own business, when the phone rang. The number was blocked on my caller id, but I answered anyways. Lo and Behold! It was one of the elders from the jc that dfed me. Apparently he called (guess they're going down the list) b/c he is contacting df'ed people seeing if they'd like to meet up with elders. I said no and thanks for calling. Afterward, I started to get angy and wished I had said so many things! Like, how come the elders never just called when my life as a jw was falling apart? When it was obvious something was really wrong with me? And why didn't my husband recieve the courtesy call? He was disfellowshipped shortly before by the same commitee? How come no one called when I stormed out of the jc in tears? Just some things on my mind that I wanted to vent.

    On a side note, I have ran into more witnesses since that phone call then I have in all the time I was disfellowshipped prior to that call!

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Hmm I wonder if new recruit numbers are going down?

  • Maverick

    Should have said yes that you are willing to meet with them. Go when summoned and when they ask if you are repentant ask them if they are repentant?

    Ask if they are sorry for being hypocrite, false witnesses of Jesus and phony clerics?

    Are these worshipers of a book printing company sorry for their part in spreading lies, peddling and promoting God insurance without any real foundation?

    Do they ever regret practicing family, marriage and substance abuse counseling without even the most basic State authorized training?

    Are they even a little remorseful for the pain and suffering their unloving shunning and lack of acurate Bible knowledge has inflicted on otherwise innocent people?

    Remember they have no real training. These window washer/janitors are told by their leaders in Brooklyn how vastly superior they are from the rest of the world. And how did these men in NY come to a position of power? Why they were the best ass kissers and suck ups of an orginization that specializes in teaching its members to be ass kissers and mindless suck ups!

    See them for what they really are, how much consideration would you give an unkept, handyman who just drove up in a broken down truck, wearing worn out clothes telling you that he knows all there is to know about God and you should trust him? But let this man go home. shave, put on his goodwill suit and now you would? Hell you wouldn't even trust him to know how to fix a sprinklerhead let alone your personal life!

  • Dawn

    Gee...I've been DF'd for some time and haven't had a phone call like that. Weird. Of course - I've made it pretty clear with the elders exactly where I think they can stick their religion...(same place their heads are!). Hmmm - maybe that's why they don't call.

  • Flash
    The number was blocked on my caller id, but I answered anyways. Lo and Behold! It was one of the elders

    The COWARDS!

    I'm not too familar with phone options, can you block, blocked calls from coming in?

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    I think you did the right thing - just say "no" and retain your dignity. Why bother with a more detailed response if you are not interested?

  • kwintestal

    I would have just said no thank you, but I REALLY REALLY wish I would have the courage to say what Maverick suggested!

    I guess courage isn't the right word, man! Us Canadians are just too dash-diddly-gumb-it polite!


  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hi nb dfed,

    It's all about power and control. A big complaint I used to have was that you never heard about good accomplishments in the same way you heard about peoples misfortunes or change of status ie: Removed or deleted as Elder, MS, or pioneer. DFed or DAed. Sister so-in-so's Hubby cheated on her, or visa-versa. Nobody spread the word that so-in-so was back on the pioneer list or so-in-so is a MS or Elder. Bad news always was the first to spread. The WTS has the dubs trained to jump at the first chance to turn someone in for a mistake. Everyone seemed to just love DIRT!

    My wife Tinkerbell4125 and I went through a similar deal. None of the Elders or friends came to visit or call us until one of Tinks Bro-in-laws saw a Xmas card at her sister's (Sister wasn't a JW), then they descended on us like the plague.

    I'm sorry to hear what you went through. I wouldn't answer the phone anymore if you know it's from one of the Elders.

    We have a neighbor who is a JW. Her husband isn't a JW. When she found out by talking with my wife we were DAed, she called up my father (at the time was an Elder) and asked for the situation on us and what to do. She then had an Elder from her Hall call us with the same deal as the Elder who called you. Long story short, she was told that because we didn't write a letter to DA ourselves and the Congregation Elders made the choice to announce our DAing, as if we did write a letter, than "technically" in his mind, we weren't DAed. So she tried to become friends with Tink. That lasted about 5 minutes. Tink politely told her we were never going back to the WTS, period. That solved that. She hasn't bothered us since.

    Wish you the best with your situation.


  • Elsewhere
    So she tried to become friends with Tink. That lasted about 5 minutes. Tink politely told her we were never going back to the WTS, period. That solved that. She hasn't bothered us since.

    What a sorry SOB. She only wants to be "friendly" if she thinks she can recruit you.

    Reminds me of an "Amway friend" who was all perky and bubbly all the time... but then stopped talking to me when I told her that I did not want to sign up.

    Then there was the old buddy from school I met once... he was all friendly and talking about old times... but that stopped as soon as I made it clear that I was not interested in buying his life insurance.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hi Elsewhere,

    It's been pitiful with Her. Tink and I walk our dog's right by her house. She has two lovely daughters 7 and 10 years old who fell in love with Tink when they first met. When we pass by and the kids and Mom are outside you see the Mom give them a look and the kids retreat to the back yard..It's pissed us off big time!!!

    It makes you feel like you have Leprosy or some other disease.


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