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  • Scully


    Are you serious about this? I mean, it wouldn't surprise me one bit, but I've never ever heard anything like that before!

    I think it was in one of Ray Franz's books that I first found out about this kind of thing happening. It was basically a control tactic to keep congregation members from having any kind of memorial service for the woman (a former special pioneer, no less) who committed suicide in the throes of a devastating mental illness. It also kept them from offering any comfort to her grieving family members.

    By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves. - John 13:35.

    Love, Scully

  • Greenpalmtreestillmine

    Hi Atlas,

    Sorry Sabrina if I came across as rude towards you. It wasn?t my intention.
    No, absolutely not! You said nothing to offend me. I enjoyed replying to your post.

    Being resurrected to die again could be interpreted as being cut off from the "genetic sin" group and having death resurfacing again like an intrinsic fault of human beings.

    I think the answer may lie with the legalistic areas of sin and death that Paul was speaking of rather than just the dying of the body. In other words, if the Christ died for our sins and if his sacrifice, the payment of the ransom, is to be applied to each individual (either living or dead) when he arrives then technically until he arrives those who in Bible times died and were resurrected, while having paid for their sins to be sure, cannot yet have life as Adam had life. (sorry for long sentence)

    Those that were blessed with a resurrection in Bible times were not punished because they died again but rather they were given a new lease on the life they had. It seems that from God's standpoint he could not yet apply the ransom sacrifice because the time for his Son to return and to release the dead and the living from the curse of death upon Adam had not yet arrived.

    You know, when you look up at the heavens and see the constellations and the movements of the planets etc., and the dance they all make, all perfectly timed, it's all like a huge time piece. A time piece that runs so well mankind can predict the meteor showers, the eclipses, the occultations and so on. God is a timekeeper, a watch maker of cosmic proportions.

    He has set a time for the resurrection and a time for the return of his Son. He has set a time for all things. Not because he likes to make us wait but because he knows that it will take time to make it right.


  • binadub

    Granted mine is only biblical speculation, but if one was resurrected from the dead in this life as in the case of those you mention who were resurrected by Christ or the apostles (as opposed to being resurrected in the spirit--in that world) it was more like a reprieve here, not a resurrection into everlasting life in spiritual heaven there. That would be an entirely different resurrection. Maybe what it is saying, or means, is that the wages of sin is death altogether of this human life--no resurrection of that body here. Granted--just speculation.


  • lv4fer

    The wages sin pays is death. This has nothing to do with dying being the payment for sin. What this scripture means is that if you sin your payment is death. Now if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, your debt is paid and all your sins are forgiven. So if you have not accepted Christ and you sin ..... your payment will be death. THe Watchtower has this all twisted up. As with just about everything they teach. This is my interpretation on this. Take it or leave it

  • binadub

    The point is: Until the ransom was paid, it wouldn't matter how many times you died, you would still be resurrected into "sin". There was no resurrection to everlasting life, or hope of, until the ransom was paid.


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