Great Tribulation

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    Hello Frenchy,

    This was not a recent thread by Friend. Please notice the date of his post.


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    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

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    Hello Neyank:

    About a year or so ago, while experiencing some psychological problems, associated with osteoarthritis (chronic pain can affect one
    psychologically) and menopause, my faith was tested to the point where I began having a great deal of mistrust in elders, sisters and
    other congregation members. I felt that there was some sort of con-
    spiracy going on against me and my children (family). I went to the
    library and began searching out books about Jehovah's witnesses and
    found one, in particular, I forget the name, in which a couple had
    left the organization. It was a rather "thick" account of some of the
    so called discrepancies, many of which you mentioned, the "timetable"
    in which events were to occur, there were even personal attacks on
    Rutherford, former WT president (years ago) and other fault finding
    that by the end of the book, I thoroughly disagreed with. I even went
    through some personal accounts in my life, in which I took personal
    offense, when all my elder and his wife were doing was attempting to
    help me - essential I'd had a nervous breakdown. I had gotten so'
    bad, at one point, until when my elder came to see me, I'd asked him,
    "does Jehovah talk to people..." strange, huh! But, this was all a
    lot of things I was hearing in my head and believing at the time.
    Shortly after that time, I ended up in a local mental facility, was
    committed for 6 months, on medication and am now much better. So, is
    the end of my period of non-belief, if indeed it was at all. Which, I
    doubt. My elder knew that I was mentally, a very, very sick sister.
    Many of the friends experience mental distresses at some point and time in their lives now and will continue to do so. I cannot stress
    more to you to remain with Jehovah's organization. Many times things
    happen which we do not understand, but Jehovah will straighten it all
    out in His time. That is where our faith comes in.

    I still have to undergo surgery on my left hip. The right one was done
    last year. Jehovah and my elder and his wife have remained with me.
    I cannot answer your questions and after going through that kind of
    distrust myself, no longer believe I am being persecuted or losing my
    mind, because Jehovah has remained with me. I have been inactive for
    over a year, due to my disability status, which is still both mentally
    and physically - although mentally I am much better and now off commitment status.

    Each of us has to decide for themselves about Jehovah. When I first
    came into the truth, I used to spend hours reading the old, light blue, Aid to Bible Understanding Book, attempting to know Jehovah. I
    read it insatibly because my thirst for understanding was so great!
    Recently, I have begun to read and learn again. However, there were
    times in the past, when I could not concentrate on reading anything
    because my mind was in such turmoil. Jehovah has helped to restore
    my mind to the point where I can continue to care for my children and
    be able to learn about him again and follow the WT lessons as before.
    It is a challenge for me because I have children who are worldly and
    a son, who has not been in kingdom hall in 8 years. He encourages me
    to continue with Jehovah, but somehow feels that he cannot do so himself. I continue to encourage him and show him how much I love him
    because he still has a chance at life. You too. We all do. When someone decides they want to go into the world, they do so. Sadly, some of them never make it back. I hope that will not be your situation.



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    I am looking forward to your response.



    Great Tribulation in my view ended in 1999 AD which was a symbolic sign of the coming end.

    I superimpose the horrible events from 1914 AD - 1944 AD upon the period 1984 AD -1999 AD.

    The first world war : 1914 AD - 1919 AD = 5 years.

    The Great Depression of 1929 AD - 1932 AD = 3 years.

    The Second World War : 1938 AD - 1945 AD = 7 years .

    1984 AD + 7 years + 3 years + 5 years = 1999 AD.

    In the year 1999 AD was a solar eclipse as as a sign and in 2000 AD a lunar eclipse as a sign and 12 stars falling down are 12 years after.

    Matthew 24.29-30.

    The first star fell in 2000 AD in the fall which means the first year of 12 years remaining passed away .Then we have the second star falling in 2001 AD with the last star falling in the fall in 2011 AD.

    1999 AD + 12 years as 12 stars falling = 2011 AD.

    Harold Camping of the Family Radio teaches the Great Tribulation began on May,21,1988 AD when God put Satan over all local church congregations which must be abandoned by those who want to be saved in 2011 .

    May,21,1988 AD - May,21,2011 AD makes the period of Great Tribulation according to Harold Camping from .

    In his view the Grat Tribulation will last 23 years exactly as to the single day precisely .

    Note on alt.religion.jehovahs-witn which is my favorite discussion group (on usenet ) I have a period of 23 years from

    2011 AD to 2034 AD.

    2300 days from Daniel 8.14 the best way were placed by Harold Camping inmy view:

    May,21,1988 AD + "2300 days" which are included in the 23 -year Great Tribulation leads to September ,7,1994 AD which began a jubilee year

    and the Latter Rain Harvest began at that time : the final seperation of wheat from tares.

    On this one point about right placing of 2300 days Harold Camping beat up me and all Jehovah's Witnesses .I think he is the only person on the face of the earth that got it right the best way.

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