K-Mart has just purchased Sears

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  • pr_capone

    I couldnt believe it! If something like that were to happen I would have though it was the other way around but here it is!


    Kansas District Overbeer

  • pr_capone

    The sale price? 11 Billion Dollars! *Image of Dr. Evil with the pinky to the mouth comes to the mind*

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • freedom96

    Who would have thought?

    But, Sears has had troubles in the last decade, though still amazing that of all companies, K-Mart!

  • lisaBObeesa

    In the last year of so, Kmart sold all their stores (that I know of, anyway) here in the Bay Area California where land is big $$$... I thought Kmart was out of business! I guess they were just raising some cash.

  • MungoBaobab

    That merger is like emptying a pooper scooper into a litter box.

  • drwtsn32

    Weird.... I thought K-Mart was going bankrupt.

  • ColdRedRain

    I smell the scent of some books being cooked.

  • ohiocowboy

    Does this mean that Martha Stewart will be the new Sears Jailbird Spokesperson??? Wonder if the prison stripes will clash with her new winter collection of decorative and colorful License plates......

  • IronGland

    Now you can buy all your crappy products from one place.

  • hd1gator

    Hi, new here, but thought I would insert a little opinion on the merger.

    First, Sears, being weak, has been limited to the "mall" shopping crowd, of which once was the place to be. Now, stand alone mega stores are fining their niche, and Sears is limited to malls. Quality has been their strong point though, and brand name recognition will aid the new entity.

    K-mart, has the real estate and the assets to make a difference for a company like sears, along with some financial performance improvements, and having come out of bankruptcy.

    Both have unique exclusivity on some well known brands, of which can be sold in both types of stores.

    Economically speaking, they had no choice but to find a good fit for each other, and merge, to enable them to compete with Wall Mart and Target. They were both being eaten alive by these giants.

    Buying power (reduced costs), and a marketing approach focusing on capitalizing on the "NEW" brand ID, and merging the two corporate cultures (not an easy task)

    If they find the synergies and make run it like a tight ship, and sell the sizzle correctly, it could actually be a very smart retailing strategy.

    Ok..sorry to run on like that, but, the thread begged for opinion

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