Watchtower and their Angels.

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  • Blueblades

    The Governing Body has had it written many times that they are protected by angels. They have also printed stories about how some in the field service have been protected by angels. With all that is going on in recent years, where are their angels now.

    When was the last time you heard about an angel helping one of Jehoveh's Witnesses in the field service from the Society.Their official web site has a lot to say about the angels and angelic involvement in the Watchtower's affairs.

    Lately, they have been quiet about the angels. Usually during the x-mas season they mention the angel's connection to the birth of Christ 2,000 years ago, but, nothing today.

    Do you think that the Watchtower, Governing Body and the rank and file have their angels with them today.And let's not forget, where is Satan and his angels in all of this? Probably hanging around the headquarters and all the branches around the earth.

    What is your take on this?


  • blondie

    Officially, the WTS has poohpoohed the concept of "guardian angels" connecting it with false doctrine in Christendom or new age foolishness. Here is one official take on it. (2 scriptures to search are Psalm 34:7 and Hebrews 1:14)


    w76 8/15 pp. 494-495 Jehovah, a Helper Without Equal ***

    Are Jehovah?s powerful angels still willing and eager to serve in behalf of his people on earth? Most assuredly! When alerting his disciples to the seriousness of stumbling others, Jesus stressed the concern of the angels in the matter: "See to it that you men do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that their angels in heaven always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven." (Matt. 18:10) Jesus? words do not necessarily mean that each devoted Christian has a special guardian angel assigned to him. But apparently angels are looking out for the spiritual welfare of true Christians as a whole. This is confirmed in question form at Hebrews 1:14: "Are they not all spirits for public service, sent forth to minister for those who are going to inherit salvation?" What marvelous aid is available to us through the angels!

    But then has this experience printed:

    *** w70 6/1 pp. 347-348 Desiring to Know My Grand Creator ***



    The more I have come to know my Creator, the more confidence I have gained in the protective care he throws around those who serve him from the heart. One must have faith in order to meet successfully many of the experiences encountered in the work of preaching the Kingdom. But Jehovah?s assurance to such is: "The angel of Jehovah is camping all around those fearing him, and he rescues them."?Ps. 34:7.

    I vividly recall one experience in which I truly needed faith in this promise. It was in Culpeper County, Virginia. While sitting in my car finishing my lunch and absorbed in reading a copy of The Watchtower, I was suddenly aware of two long arms that reached into the car, one hand near my throat, the other behind my neck, fingers bent ready to clutch at me. Immediately I petitioned Jehovah for his help. The tall man stood motionless.

    While maneuvering my neck out of range I kept his mind occupied by telling him that I usually read The Watchtower while eating lunch, that I really enjoyed the article I just read telling about the blessings that Christ?s kingdom would soon bring, conditions in which nothing shall hurt or make afraid. My neck now free, but his arms still inside my car, I turned on the ignition, saying: "I must be going now. Enjoyed talking with you." With that he pulled back, his arms dropped to his sides, and the last that I saw of him in my rearview mirror he still stood there like a stone statue.

    I long remembered this experience, but it had the effect of giving me the feeling of closer relationship to the Creator. I knew that God would protect his servants and give them strength to bear up under every evil.

    or this


    w63 1/15 p. 36 Do You Stumble over Imperfection? ***

    What if the guardian angels of Jehovah?s earthly people said: ?Jehovah, we cannot associate with these imperfect men and women that you are using on earth to do your will. Either they go or we do??


    g99 11/22 pp. 6-7 Testing the Stories ***

    Among current angel stories, rescue accounts abound. In one best-selling book, we read of a young girl who is gently led from a burning house by an unseen hand. Another book tells of two college students stranded in a blizzard. Suddenly, a truck appears and tows them to safety, yet it leaves no tracks! Elsewhere, another story tells of Ann, who is stricken with cancer. Three days before she is to enter the hospital for surgery, a tall stranger comes to her door. He introduces himself as Thomas and says that he has been sent by God. Thomas holds up his hand, and Ann feels a hot, white light pass through her body. When she arrives for her surgery, the doctors are astounded. Her cancer is gone!

    These stories raise an obvious question, If everyone has a guardian angel, why are some people rescued, whereas many are not? Countless millions have died from disease, wars, famines, and natural disasters. Surely, many earnestly prayed for help. Why didn?t a guardian angel save them?

    The Bible offers help with this question. It points out that God is not partial. (Acts 10:34) Furthermore, while God?s loyal angels are interested in our physical welfare, they are more interested in our spiritual welfare. The apostle Paul suggested this in question form: "Are [angels] not all spirits for public service, sent forth to minister for those who are going to inherit salvation?" (Hebrews 1:14) Physical help brings temporary benefits, but spiritual help can bring eternal benefits.

  • ozziepost
    It points out that God is not partial. (Acts 10:34)

    The Witch Tower's got it wrong again! Of course God's partial! How on earth do they think that 'some will be saved"? The text they are misquoting wasn't speaking of that at all but that amongst those to be saved there's no partiality.

    Personally i find there's sufficient evidence scripturally about the guardian angels to raise grave doubts on what the Borg claims.

  • shotgun

    Our guradian angel always ended up at the coffee shop on Saturday matter how hard we tried we always ended up at the coffee shop...clearly angelic direction.

    There was also the time a group of thugs cornered me in an alley and I started screaming for my guardian angels to help, he was reluctant at first but after I wrestled with him for a few minutes the thugs got scared and left...They didn't want to mess with either of us, then we both got drunk.

    The angelic accounts often presented by the WT never took into account the possiblity that people sometimes do the right or noble thing. One account I remember was how Natzi's checked a JW house in Germany and walked right by a small rotary printer being used to make banned literature...cleary the angels blinded them to protect Jah's servants and preaching work...or is there a possibility they overlooked these on purpose because they knew what would happen to this family if discovered or that they just simply overlooked it because they were looking for literature.

    I personally do not believe in Guardian Angels, Gremlins in my car maybe but Angels...naw

  • rocky220

    The Borg have chased the Angels away, which means the Deminz have truly taken can't have it both ways!....rocky220

  • BrendaCloutier

    I find it interesting that I have felt AND experienced being "watched over" and "taken care of" since I left the bOrg. I never felt anything while a JW. Nothing spiritual. Nothing heavenly. Nada.

    One saturday night after leaving my regular Sat. AA meeting, I was sideswiped, then rearended by a pickup full of drunk teenagers. They tried to leave, but since the road narrowed into an underpass, I put my pickup sideways in the road and told them to park their truck along side the road behind mine. They balked and I, in an adult parental voice insisted. They finally complied after a battle of wills and a variety of interesting expletives expressed on their part.

    Once parked, I had no idea how I was going to get help. I was scared. I needed the police there, but I was afraid if I left my vehicle and walked the block to the payphone they would take off. I took a deep breath and I prayed something like "God, if I ever needed you to carry me, I need you now". A moment later a man knocked on my window and told me "I saw everything, what can I do to help?!".

    The prayer helped me to relax. The man was my "guardian angel", called the police for me and stayed around to make sure everything was taken care of.

    Spiritual intervention? Maybe. Kindhearted passerby? Definitely!



  • itsallgoodnow

    I don't have any compelling reason to believe in the existence of angels, demons or satan anymore. It's all superstitions designed to keep us in living in fear.

  • kaykay_mp

    well i truly believe i have a guardian angel. hell, the way i've been living my life for the past 8 years i would have had a disease or would have died from o.d.'ing on something.

    or maybe i'm a cat, because i have nine lives.



  • M.J.

    Rutherford plainly said he got direction from messages delivered by angels. Now the WTS says directions don't come from angels. So then where did Rutherford get those messages from?

  • Valis
    So then where did Rutherford get those messages from?

    Could it be???????

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