Your Best WT NGO Analogy...

by Confucious 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • new light
    new light

    Like Mrs. Bush dating Osama Bin Laden because he knows where to get the best fellafel.

  • new light
    new light

    Like a dub watching an R-rated movie for the cinematography.

  • czarofmischief

    Drinking a non-alcoholic beer.


  • bebu

    A nun going to Planned Parenthood for annual pap checkups.


    btw, I tried to think up a justification that a nun might give, and couldn't think of even one. ...How could the WTS think up any "justification" for their association with the UN????!!!????

  • Badger

    Like a Muslim building a bar.

  • ColdRedRain

    Like cheating on your wife so you can improve your sex life.

    Like giving your 8 year old boy an Uzi and saying that you're using the gun to teach your kid to hunt.

    (I'd actually like to hunt with one of those things!)

    Like me joining the Democratic party because they were giving out free cigarettes for votes.

    Like a vegetarian eating a box of Slim Jims just for the protein.

  • Stephanus

    Like watching Naked News to catch up with current events

  • xochsi

    It's like visiting a nude beach and keeping your clothes on. Everyone knows you're just a perv.

    It's like being a JW and sending a card to your grandchild the day after his birthday. It's not really a birthday card, now is it?

    It's like a mod who deletes swear words from one member's post, but leaves them on a favored member's post. (forgiveness is devine)

    It's like being a JW and preparing a turkey feast with all the trimmings the day before or after Thanksgiving because the turkeys were on sale.

    It's like justifying baby showers and wedding anniversaries but condemning birthdays and Christmas.

    It's like total bullsh*t.


  • jwsons

    If associated with NGO only for a Library Card

    so... Why Don't

    Buy a Ray Franz book just to see how "lie" he is ?????


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