Which GB member Dying would make the biggest difference

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  • XQsThaiPoes

    They don't even know if they are going to have a gb after they all die. The GB is like a traffic cop for the commitees (who actually do everything). So if the commitees ever decide to be polite and work together autonimously there is no phsysical reason for a GB. They are legally only JW monks anyway and are not related to the watchtower.

  • eyeslice

    There is no answer to this question as none of us here knows what goes on.

    But the Society cannot be turned round. If one or all the current GB where to go, do you really think that a new generation would immediately re-examine the blood doctrine, the 1914 position, the great crowd living on earth issue? Of course not, there would be no JW religion left in that case.

    IMHO, very little is going to change in a very long time. The Witness religion will continue to decline in strength, particularly in the West, but I cannot see anything that will change its core doctrines.


  • Scully

    I doubt it would matter if any or all of the GB died that it would make a difference in how the WTS operates. The GB now is basically a figurehead - the mysterious prophetic oracle as far as your average JW is concerned - and the real control belongs to the Legal Department.

    Get rid of the WTS's lawyers and you'll see a big difference!

    Love, Scully

  • Farkel


    It will make a BIG difference when Jaracz dies. The others are right about this. Jaracz and Schroeder run the show. Jaracz is not called "The BOSS" for nothing. He's reactionary and as conservative as WT leaders could ever be. He's always for either the status quo or for more clamping down on lowly dubs. Other GB members are afraid to stand up to him. This is especially true of the four newbie GB members, who were all personally groomed for the job by Jaracz.


  • minimus

    Even if TJ is the "Boss", it doesn't mean that the same policies wouldn't be carried out. Perhaps they might not be as harsh, but they will always "tighten up" because they believe that when there are losses in membership, it's because they became too liberal. History is on my seed of that argument.

  • JT

    Underlings have been thoroughly indoctrinated and trained to carry on with the same mindset and program. None of them dare suggest a change or two for fear of being turned upon by the others. That's basically the way the GB currently operates, and that's the way the organization will continue to operate, IMHO.


    i agree, while some things may change if tj dies, but for the everyday jw on the ground don't expect to seee meetings dropping from 5 per week to 3-



  • stillajwexelder

    what will force change then? I assume if contributions drop and attendance drops and hours and publishers eventually theuy may change - I remember Ray Franz saying eventually they published an apology for 1975 when they were shamed/forced into it

  • fjtoth
    I remember Ray Franz saying eventually they published an apology for 1975 when they were shamed/forced into it

    It took them years to make the so-called "apology," and it was so lame that hardly any JWs noticed, and fewer of them even remember it. It certainly brought about no changes. At the most, it supported the fable held by the gullible that "God's earthly organization is humble."

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