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  • bisous

    I miss many good friends back home in Cornwall, my son too. Do you suppose one day that it would be possible to fly to your chosen destination worldwide within the hour, therefore, wherever you were in the world, you could always have the option of being with your friends back home within a total of 2.5 hours, 4 hours with them and still be back home in your departure only a few hours before? How long before we get to this state of reality before we move on from there? What do you believe technology could do for us in the next 20 years and also 250 years at the out accelerated rapidity of pace of life is going at presently?

    Hint, to understand read one word at a time with emphasis, building up slowly like long slow staircase to heaven.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, ruddy concept overall, each and combined, what jollity there be in living.

    Celtic grins the words, 'you can do it'

    To Positiveness and Forward Thought!!


    What a ruddy friggin bunch of Ruddy Balmpots!!

    ruddy emoticons

  • bisous

    I Just read that post back through inside out and to you it ain't gonna make one bit of sense, to me it did, but that ain't the point, it made sense but believe you me I understand not so yes that it did not, which is completely obvious!! in my most british politeness, vex not your fettlers, for a fettle you need not get into, for if you speak thus such of understanding wot was said before not the formers latter sentence you will possibly therefore understand my point with great dexteritry of mind, indeed iI beseech you utterly with greatest inserity in faithfullness to take my tone at heed.

    You're all Balmpots!! (Except the British)

    One grinning smiling Celt

    ahhhhhhh PS, but what of aircraft design, Valis.

    Valis do you suppose an aeroplane could be designed like a motorbike with foldaway wings? That way when you heard on your digital frequency Bose (tm) radio / receiver that there was a traffic jam ahead, friggin congestion, you could move into your designated lane, crank up the horse power in your special highway lane at 140mph with your dreads flying in the wind, spliff in lips, haring up the freeway in demonic style, capes whooshing in the wind, your ruddy wings come out and you fly onwards over the poor bastards heads left in the traffic jam / congestion below.

    Valis what's Quidditch?

    I like America, Canada be better though, more sensible. But USA I concede ain't bad. UK's crap by comparison unless you're upper class, connected, but tas tas be tassin other ruddy subject which twill get to drewrckly.

    Who's batty?

    I say thats just not cricket, by jove.

  • Princess

    I want what Celtic's having.

    My son can explain Quiddich when you get here. Looking forward to seeing you....

    Rachel and Steve

  • bem

    I'm a little frightened here cause I think I understood what you were saying celty.

    Are you thinking kind of like "Beam me up Scotty there aint no intelligent life here"?? fast, or a quick fade and reappear thing??

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi Celtic.

    Sounds like you need one of these planes for your travels.

    The X-33 is the first of NASA's attempts to build a reusable launch vehicle (RLV). The wedge-shaped vehicle will be able to reach altitudes as high as 60 miles (96.56 km) and speeds faster than Mach 13 (13 times the speed of sound). It will be launched vertically, like a rocket, but will be able to return to Earth under its own power and land like an airplane.

    Where the journey begins...

    The X-33 space plane

    Special K .

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