Exodus 23:14-17 You CAN celebrate Thanksgiving. !!

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  • kls

    Hubert wassa matter with you. The Wet Tower says no it's no ,they don't need no Bible to tell them it is okay or not.

  • heathen

    Whenever they try to discredit thanksgiving they always sound like idiots . I guess it's creature worship to them to devour a turkey . I heard some arguments from family members that sounded more like it was cruelty to animals because the turkey was singled out one day a year . How friggen absurd is that ? I personally don't have a problem with the way they see most other holidays but there just doesn't seem to be a logical explanation for thanksgiving bashing by the WTBTS . True it's a national holiday but doesn't have anything to do with politics or religion for that matter it was just a celebration and day of thanks because the indians showed the settlers how to grow crops or visa versa .

  • Soledad
    To celebrate this festival, GOD commanded the Israelites to dwell in booths for seven days so that they would remember that He provided shelter and security for their ancestors during their exodus from Egypt. This celebration is also called the festival of "Tabernacles" or "Booths."

    yes, the Orthodox Jews keep this tradition (Sukkot) to this day. You should see how the people at my job build up the big old tent outside of the office. It's kind of and odd sight; a big old blue tarp out on the sidewalk. But then again this is NYC, nothing is ever out of the ordinary here!

    You better plan on getting you a tent and camping out for 7 days and making a buncha sacrafices to ol' Jehover while your in your tent too. I'm thinking the Israelites just hated this time of year. I can just hear the kids..."mommy, do we HAVE to live in the tent again for a whole nother week and burn stuff to god all day". The grownups got all depressed cuz this celebration reminded them how they had to eat frost cake off the dang ground till Jehovah gave them dead pheasants to eat......poor bastards!
    LOL! that's just plain hilarious!

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