Did You Realize Jehovah & The Organization Are One In The Same?

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  • confusedjw

    Another GOLD POST from Blondie!

    Great stuff.

    You know how they give out gold stars in school or stickers on football helmets?

    Your get TWO today!

  • Benny Sikter
    Benny Sikter

    We can't be loyal to an organization when Jehovah God is the only One who is loyal, can we? (Rev 15:4)


  • minimus

    Funny how some JWs think that if they see what the Organization says in print----that this is the final word. It screws up their "loyalty" to the Organization when they realize there's plenty of stuff "in print" that is contradictory. It's hard to be loyal to a contradiction, isn't it??

  • iiz2cool

    Some JWs also identify themselves so closely with the society that they fail to see a distinction between themselves personally and the corporation. One JW said to me on many occasions, "When you're attacking the society, you're attacking ME!" No matter how hard I tried, I could not convince her that my criticizm of the society's policies on child abuse and UN scandal were not personal attacks on her.


  • shotgun

    I used to give a talk Minimus about Serving with Jehovahs Unified Organization

    The main point was that Jehovah was our father and his Organization was our Mother, to be disloyal to either was a direct attack on Jehovah god..all the scriptures which ponited to obeying your parents were even used to emphasize the point that as children of God and his Org we must obey them...oy.

  • minimus

    The talk emphasized loyalty to Jehovah means obeying his representatives.Different examples were given about those that rebelled against Moses and others were rebelling against Jehovah himself!

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