Yasser Arafat died...Really....

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  • confusedjw

    *That's* where my tablecloth went! Now maybe I can get it back.....

    Country Girl


  • JH

    I always called him "yes sir" arafat.

  • Elsewhere

    Looks like mug actually died last week but his people kept his body on life support until they could sort out all of the legal nonsense.

  • gitasatsangha

    Ehud Barak caved in to every one of Arafat's demands, which would have killed Arafat's political career, so he asked for more, and ended up causing most of the misery in Palestine and Israel today, not to mention putting ideas in the head of fugure terrorists in Al Qaeday.

    Yep I figure he'll be roasting marshmallows with Hitler down in hell right about now.

  • minimus

    Arafat reminds me of the movie, "Weekend at Bernie's". I believe that was the name of the movie and it had a sequel too, about a dead man, Bernie, who was propped up with 2 kids and went dancing, water skiing and whatever.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    My first real memory of Yasser Arafat:

    Who murdered the athletes of the Israeli 1972 Olympic Team in Munich?


    Black September Terrorist
    What happened?

    At 4:30AM on September 5, 1972, five Arab terrorists wearing track suits climbed the six and 1/2 foot fence surrounding the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany. Once inside, they were met by three others who had gained entrance with credentials. Within 24 hours, 11 Israelis, five terrorists, and a German policeman were dead.

    Just before 5:00AM, the terrorists knocked on the door of Israeli wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg who opened the door, realized immediately something was wrong and shouted a warning. Weinberg and weightlifter Joseph Romano attempted to block the door while their members escaped, but they were killed by the terrorists. The Arabs then rounded up nine Israelis to hold as hostages.

    At 9:30AM, the terrorists announced that they were Palestinian Arabs, and demanded that Israel release 234 Arab prisoners in Israeli jails and Germany release two German terrorist leaders imprisoned in Frankfurt. They also demanded their own safe passage out of Germany. After hours of negotiations, a deal was struck with German authorities and a trip to the NATO air base at Firstenfeldbruck, by bus and then two helicopters was arranged, in order to board a plane for Cairo. German sharpshooters were standing by with orders to simultaneously kill all the terrorists without harming the hostages.

    The rescue plan failed and a bloody firefight between the Germans and Palestinians followed, ending at 3:00AM when the Palestinians set off a grenade in one helicopter, killing all aboard, and terrorists in the second helicopter shot to death the remaining, blindfolded Israeli hostages. Three of the Palestinian Arabs terrorists were captured alive and held in Germany.

    On October 29, a Lufthansa jet was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists who demanded that the Munich killers be released. The Germans capitulated and the imprisoned terrorists were freed.

    Who were the Munich terrorists?

    The Munich operation was ordered by Yasser Arafat and carried out by Fatah, Arafat's faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

    Buh-bye Yasser....

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    now that he is dead; perhaps there can be some peace in that part of the world....

    ...and I want to know who gets to where his trademark fancy "jelella" had piece now....

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