Ozzie's Weekend Poll #119

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Well, it's certainly been an eventful week! I hope this weekend is a time of resting and recharging the batteries. So, let's settle down with a relaxing drink (especially a shiraz!) and reminisce a while together.

    Our poll question is..........................

    What did you try most to avoid?

    1. Family study

    2. Daily text with the family

    3. Pre-study on public transport

    4. Street witnessing

    5. Backroom meetings!

    6. Shepherding calls

    7. Offerimg a subscription

    8. Hall cleaning

    9. Reading the secondary articles

    10. Brother/Sister Zealous

    11. Other (please detail)

    So, what was on your list? Let us know; we'll be lookiing forward to your replies.


    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    1. Family study

    HAH!! Did one once I think.... like once EVER, and that was only coz Mrs D had a guilt trip after a talk... It just seemed so pointless.

    2. Daily text with the family

    Can't remember ever doing that... not even the day of the sole family study... maybe I did though? I never read the bible either unless I was at a meeting and following along.

    Couldn't see the point of reading the bible - what was in there was only valid if it was confirmed in the publications, so I used to just wait untill the publications were read to me at a meeting.

    3. Pre-study on public transport

    You must be joking!!!!!! I did go through a phase of pre-study for a month or two. In the end it was a scribbled highlighter randomly scrawled over the mag on teh drive to the hall or while slipping inot the back room during the talk.

    4. Street witnessing

    Once, and once only... that was at a Shopping Ctr... bloody awful idea... you had to talk to people and be seen with the JW's and all that sort of bad stuff...

    5. Backroom meetings!

    Yuk... had a few of those... no avoiding them though... I was fairly good at getting away with it though.

    6. Shepherding calls

    Making them was fun, recieving them was a pain in the arse. In latter years I was always the Book Study Asst, so the Conductor had a vested interest in not hassling me lest I be unavailable to take the group when he wants to nick off one night or for the weekend group...

    7. Offerimg a subscription

    Only offered it a few times, placed a couple... it was all the damn forms that was annoying. It wasn't much different to offering a mag really.

    8. Hall cleaning

    Only went if I had to if I'd be conspicuios by my absence.

    9. Reading the secondary articles

    What are they? :-) I never read the main articles!!! My total attention span was about 1 minute per magazine, I'd hear someone say somthing if there was anything I needed to know.

    10. Brother/Sister Zealous

    I pretended to be one so as not to be hassled and enjoy the maximum congregational privilages for the minimum possible work... so being around those ones wasn't a bad thing, though it was trialsome and strong liquor was required after ones escape... they were painful...

    11. Other (please detail)

    I was incredibly busy doing Sweet F. All really.

  • gumby
    So, let's settle down with a relaxing drink (especially a shiraz!) and reminisce a while together.

    I wake up at 4:30 a.m. and I'm supposed to drink some wine?

    What did you try most to avoid?

    1. Family study - We always argued

    2. Daily text with the family - Tried it and it never worked for long

    4. Street witnessing- This was one service avenue I depised. I was always embarrased


  • Soledad

    Cheers Ozzie! I was looking forward to your poll today.

    for me, how about (11) all of the above!!

  • ozziepost
    1. Family study - We always argued

    Y'know this would be so funny if it wasn't serious!

    Mrs ozzie and i were talking about this topic in the car this afternoon and that was exactly her memory of family study time too! She says her own family study always ended up in arguments about how it was "conducted"!

    For the idealists in Crooklyn, they'd have no idea about how families work and so apply their 'meeting' format to families.

  • ozziepost


    Cheers Ozzie! I was looking forward to your poll today.

    Thx muchly for the kind words.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • blondie

    What did you try most to avoid?

    1. Family study (as the kid I always tried to disrupt it starting fights with my siblings)

    2. Daily text with the family (are you kidding; the only time the daily text was read was when my parents read it to themselves as they left for field service)

    3. Pre-study on public transport (no way, got car sick)

    4. Street witnessing (What stand like a wooden Indian holding the magazines up? Or giving them the magazines only to find them on the ground or in the trash a half a block later?)

    5. Backroom meetings! (Never happened; the elders were afraid of me (I know the ex-elders find this hard to believe but it was true; it always got turned around on them; besides I never did anything bad)

    6. Shepherding calls (I had a pet peeve about dropping by unannounced, so I never answered the door; anyway what elders do these calls unless it is a precursor to df'ing)

    7. Offerimg a subscription (I hated asking for large sums of money...)

    8. Hall cleaning (I didn't mind; I had a time saving way of doing it and we made it fun by going out together afterwards)

    9. Reading the secondary articles (actually the secondary articles were always more interesting)

    10. Brother/Sister Zealous (see backroom question)

    11. Other (please detail)

    I hated conventions/assemblies. I would never go more than a day at a time. Since I lived in an area with multiple ones it was easy. Two hours is bad enough; 5 hours/day or more was torture. I wish I had known about BS Bingo then.


  • Insomniac

    OK, here goes (stuff I've tried not to think about this past year!)

    1. Family study There was no avoiding it. My stepfather forced us to sit at a table for six damn hours one night, working over the one stupid Watchtower study. Hated every second of it.

    2. Daily text with the family Oddly, we never had this, thank God for small mercies.

    3. Pre-study on public transport I didn't mind this. I like to read, and this was as good a time as any to get my underlining done.

    4. Street witnessing I didn't love it, but I could place 50 mags in about an hour, so I did it at least once a month to keep my numbers up. Also, with street witnessing, you don't really have to get into deep conversations with people.

    5. Backroom meetings! I hated these with a passion!!!! And I was always in trouble over something: dating unbaptized guys, piercing my nose, getting a tattoo, being an uppity woman when talking to the brothers. Hated that back room.

    6. Shepherding calls The elders never bothered with me with these; I always thought they went after families more, and that a single sister was somewhat under their radar.

    7. Offerimg a subscription Nah, as long as I was already at the door talking, might as well. In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say.

    8. Hall cleaning I never bothered with this. There are better ways to spend my Saturdays.

    9. Reading the secondary articles They were usually more interesting than the study article! I always liked the science stuff in the Awake.

    10. Brother/Sister Zealous Oh, yeah, I've been known to hide behind can displays at the grocery store to avoid running into this chick!

    11. Other (please detail) All my married friends trying to fix me up with their single guy friends. "oh, you'll like him! His dad's an elder, his two brothers are ministerial servants, and he's a pioneer who cleans offices! Granted, he's a virgin with a tenth-grade education, but he's so spiritual!"

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hello Ozzie,

    I hope you and your wife are doing OK.

    Here's my answers.

    1. Family study - I didn't have children- if I did I wouldn't have had time with working my *#% off trying to support the Family.

    2. Daily text with the family -Hated reading the Text, and hated when they did it at the assemblies.

    3. Pre-study on public transport - I always read the newspaper.

    4. Street witnessing - I did this but hated it. I hated the look I got from people who were rightly annoyed at me shoving garbage in their faces.

    5. Backroom meetings! - I hated the ones I was involved in before I moved to the South. That's why I vowed never to get into one again, which is why Tink and I are out, we refused to go into a "back room" lynching.

    6. Shepherding calls- I hated the time I had to wait while listening to these guys, until we got to the refreshments we always served. I never went on Shepparding calls. I was always sick...LOL

    7. Offerimg a subscription - I never offered them. I never took money for the mags either, unless I was with the CO.

    8. Hall cleaning - This I did whenever it was our turn. I didn't want to leave someone with the burden of doing it all themselves. I hated it when the B.S. conducter never showed however!

    9. Reading the secondary articles - I never read the main ones.

    10. Brother/Sister Zealous - Did not like to talk to these people. Had all the answers. Never had any problems. Jehovah always blessed them.

    11. Other (please detail)- Calling on people who wrote into the Cong. or told someone at the door they didn't want JW's at their door anymore, to try and find out if they felt the same way. I used to hope that they moved and someone else lived there.

    This was a good one this week. Thanks Ozzie. Hope you have a Great week!


  • Scarlet

    1. Family study: My parents tried this several times and it never worked for more than a week or two we would all complain and throw a fit and tell my dad when his time was up and we wouldn't study and he would just get mad and let it go.

    2. Daily text with the family: Never did this one

    3. Pre-study on public transport: No way

    4. Street witnessing: I did laundry mats where i would run in put the mags down and leave I loved that didn't have to talk to anyone and got to count time.

    5. Backroom meetings: I only ever had to go once and that was when my husband put his arm around me during meeting before we were married and they said that was inappropriate I hated going back there though

    6. Shepherding calls: I hated these they always did one with our family and we would have brownies or cupcakes and chit chat with the elders it was so boring.

    7. Offerimg a subscription : Never

    8. Hall cleaning: Went when my mother forced me

    9. Reading the secondary articles: Never

    10. Brother/Sister Zealous: Always Avoided them

    11. Other (please detail)

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