The Witnesses aren't the only ones persecuted.

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  • DevonMcBride

    ANI (India), Nov. 3, 2004

    [India News]: Siliguri, Nov 3 : A 70-year-old woman Nagasia was killed in Siliguri yesterday by two youths of her village on the suspicion of being a witch.

    Bihani was beaten to death by two youths Sibon and Dhutu of her village. Both the accused charged the woman of allegedly practising witch craft. After being beaten mercilessly, she was taken to the hospital. She sustained major injuries, and died a day after being admitted in the hospital.

    Witch hunting is a common practice in backward areas. Whenever an outbreak of some disease occurs or more than one person dies, aged women are held responsible for practicing some wicked tricks.

    "They thought that she was a witch and killed her. Both the killers live here only. I don't know who is a witch, you should ask them who killed Bihani", said Maghnath Nagasia, son of the deceased.

    Fate of the women, who is being accused of wicked practices is decided by the chief of the village. The administration claims that these types of incidents occur because of lack of proper education.

    "Police on reaching the spot found that two guys were assaulting a 70 year old woman. We caught hold of the two accused and started a case against them. The lady was then taken to the hospital and a day after she died. We have started a case," Siliguri DSP Joy Biswas said.

    In order to create awareness among the villagers about these kinds of practices, the administration has organised many street plays but the result is not upto the mark. In the last five years, 93 people have been killed, accused of practicing witchcraft in Jalpaiguri district alone.

  • Gretchen956

    Rut-roh.... Sirona, we may be in trouble here! Actually this type of thing is nothing new, its been going on for centuries. We hope that civilization cures ignorance, but then again 11 states proved me wrong on Nov 2.


  • kls

    I can't believe that crap is still going on in the world and people still have no common sense or brains.

  • mkr32208

    yeah but the old ladies weren't doing anything! Witnesses are just such smug cult a$$holes!

  • Brummie
    The Witnesses aren't the only ones persecuted.

    Shhh, the wtower hasnt told them about the other millions, its a secret.

    Actually, you only gots to refuse the mags and they think you are persecuting them, they must be the only ones who think that.

  • kls

    Mkr,,,,,,,,Witnesses are just such smug cult a$$holes,,,,lol

  • Corvin

    It has been my personal experience that JW's are not just persecuted, when they are persecuted, for merely their religion. It has more to do with their attitudes and their arrogance. It has more to do with making statements like, "My God, Jehovah is going to destroy you and your government because you are evil and wicked, you do not think like we do, you do not believe as we do, and we will be very happy to see you lying on the ground dead and bleeding out of your eyes. Until then, we will continue to enjoy living under whatever forms of freedom you afford us, and we will take advantage of the rights given to us by you so that we can undermine your authority and power. Have a nice day."

    Another personal experience I have is how JW's are not persecuted for their religious beliefs, at least not in this country. JW's are the ones that persecute, abuse, shun and manipulate friends and family and others for not believing as they do.


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