Can JWs Work on School Yearbook and Newspaper?

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  • dorothy

    A yearbook produced by a JW...good God!

  • JT

    By the way, Jennifer and her parents are part of an increasing segment of the dub population that's vexing the GB by opting to tune out their tiresome rhetoric rather than resort to polemics


    WE ARE INEED SEEING A new breed of jw who literally thumb their nose up at Theocratic directions and it is of great concern to the society

    when i was an elder the instructor told us there was a time when the society told the elders to jump and they said HOW HIGH but today elders are asking WHY?

    he talked about the need to just folllow theocratic directions without always questiong stuff

  • Mulan

    I did it, but it was a class, during the day, not extracurricular. But that was during the Ice Age.

  • willyloman

    Area newspapers recently carried a photo and story about a school boy who won first place in the state in a prestigious science competition for an experiment of some sort. The long feature story that quoted his parents and school teachers and others did not mention his religious affiliation, but he is the son of a "prominent" local elder and a fourth gen Witness from a family that's been in since dirt.

    The story implied he wanted to be a physicist or some other sort of rocket scientist. The kids has straight A's in school.

    My thought on reading it was how conflicted his parents, not to mention all the other dubs in the area, must be by this coverage.

  • Mary

    Oh man, if I were Jennifer I'd be alot more concerned about m'last name instead of what the GB are thinkin!

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