Does Satan the Devil enter your mind at all?

by undercover 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Xena

    Every time I look in the mirror

  • iiz2cool

    Only when I see those lying, smiling, Jehovah bastards out doing street work.


  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Yep - still interested in Bible based characters and considering the state of the general human psyche, he may just be lurking behind the veil... you never know!

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Yes, he and his friends still come to mind from time to time.

  • BrendaCloutier
    still interested in Bible based characters

    I believe evil exists. I won't go so far as to give all the credit to the Angel of Light.

    Satan of the Bible? Nah. Another grim faerie tale.


  • Corvin

    I still believe that Satan and his wicked angels exist. What has changed is the extent to which I believe they are trying to control my life. I am no longer demon paranoid nor do I fear their attacks. In fact, the attacks have stopped altogether.


  • confusedjw

    Not my mind and God almost never either.

    For me it's family, work, baseball, hockey, our dog and friends.

    That's it, that's the list - and hope for the best when it's over.

    (cause if I do get thinking of any of this I get into a tail spin over no more new system - which I wanted really badly so I could forever have family, work, baseball, hockey, a family dog and friends)

    But thanks for asking.

  • freedom96

    I had to smile when I read Corvins first post. I too, only think of the devil when I think of my ex wife. And all these years I thought Satan was a guy!

  • El blanko
    El blanko
    Another grim faerie tale.

    You hope - mwar harrr har harrrrrrrrrrrr etc (evil laughter of course)

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    It's funny, since I've left the truth, he hasn't entered my mind at all. Rusty

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