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  • MelbaToast

    Ok now that I've got your attention :)

    I am currently writing a Psych paper, and I decided my topic is going to be JW's and the higher percentage of mental illness in the organization( in not so many words) I have been doing hella research in medical journals, and I would like to pose a request to anyone out there that has information on this subject to PM me or attach it to your response. I would really appreciate it, and BTW, if would be even better if this was from a peer-reviewed Journal, because I have already searched all the sites and got the research from Freeminds, Watchtowerobserver, and sites such as this.

    I will also post portions of research that I have read and if you have any corroborating information: it would be greatly appreciated!

    I have yet to decide whether or not to send a copy to my mom after it is finished, but she might feel like she is reading apostate material. I dont want to waste good paper (or time) sending it to someone who wont read it!

    Eitherway, once I get done, of course it will be available to everyone here that is interested in a good long read!
    Thanks for all your help! melbatoast

  • kls

    Great MelbaToast, i can't wait to see the results this will be be good reading.

  • blondie

    MT, this is my opinion on this.

    I think the WTS attracts people with mental illnesses with the hope of a happier life now and in the near future.

    Secondarily, any JWs who do develop mental illnesses or depression, physically caused, get little help despite the 'scholarly' articles in recent years. Elders routinely discourage them for seeking medical help and then convince them that their problem is due to their lack of spiritual diligence.

    So while the doctrines/policies of the WTS do not cause mental illness (most of these have physical component, i.e., the WTS does not cause diabetes or cancer), they do and can exacerbate an already existing condition.


  • MelbaToast

    Blondie: I tend to agree with your opion in the fact that WTS attracts people with mental Illness- it gives them a sense of hope in their lives. Desperately looking for answers to lifes questions: "Does God care? Why is the world so filled with_____? (name your poison: hate, war, drugs) Albeit, they are incorrect assumptions for a buch of suits to make.

    Also I believe it gives people that are introverts a sense of belonging they may have not experienced before. I am going to be asking a lot of questions on this board and I am hoping for some corroboration on the WT side of thinking too, so I will be calling on your expertise in finding me some articles. *devilish grin* Thanks for your opinion!

    I love this board.. Melba Toast

  • ColdRedRain

    You want something on JW's with mental illnesses, you have a former JW with a mental illness right here.

    This is just anecdotal, but a large part of my mental illness and my mental anguish has to do with the fact that I'm always confronted y my family on things that are very sensitive to me, like me not seeing my dad in the ressurerection and the fact how I go to my GF's church as an unbiased observer of faith.

    Also, I have to go through months of hard core therapy to get over my fear that I got HIV through kissing a woman. Fucking rediculous.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    I was a mental case at a very young age.

    Once in 7th grade I walked out of art class saying I was going to kill myself. Of course it was lunch time anyhow, but the cops picked me up a short distance from home, and the only place I found myself was in front of the elders.

    My older sister snuck me to a shrink, but she and her husband couldn't afford to continue helping, and of course neurotic mom's only solution was running to the church. Nothing was ever resolved...I became worse in my thinking and behavior. Nothing of which I'll share at any level since I've already done the healing, recovery thing and there are certain words that will never cross my lips again.

    I wish you well on your paper, and would love to read it.

    After 40 some years...rethinking to those days of insanity at such a young age; it's a wonder I did survive. I detest JW's for more reasons then I can count- one being how our children's emotional needs are simply tossed aside in favor of the church. And then I found this site and realized the horror experienced by our youth is sickening...with this pedophile issue. Isn't the cover-up indicitive of mental illness on it's own?


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    On a side note: an old psych friend that worked with family abuse once told me...

    "The greater percentage of child abuse comes from within the Christian community." Go figure, eh.

    I understand your connection with JW's and mental illness, but it's hardly limited to just that sect.

    A friend, former Amish, told some rather interesting stories of her own. Same, same.

    Religious abuse has been long ignored. When I first began speaking of such things from whatever religion we came from, people just looked at me sorta funny. Well, maybe there was other reasons for that, but you get my drift.

    Nothing unique, but my family is good material for mental illness and Jehovah's Witnesses. I stay far-far away from them today. Abuse is mental illness...being abused is creating mental illness.


  • MelbaToast

    The reason that I am only using JW's in my paper is because I have to basically disect why this religion has hindered my developmental abilities growing up. My reasearch paper will not only deal with the mental issues faced in the religion, but what effect that my families actions has had on my life growing up, and what continues to happen. Basically, Im going to pour out my heart, open it up for my Psych prof to see, tell him why I think this happened, and what I have learned being raised in the troof.

    Also: btt


  • lisaBObeesa
    The reason that I am only using JW's in my paper is because I have to basically disect why this religion has hindered my developmental abilities growing up.

    Interesting subject! I started thinking about that when I took a developmental psych class.......That class really helped some things fall into place for me.


  • MelbaToast


    thanks for the link! It goes right along with my excerpt. Keep the good thoughts coming!

    Melba of the "this is going to blow the pants off my psych prof" class

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