Amazing How So Many JWs Practically Worship The Literature...

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  • kls

    Thanks Else for that wt i am keeping that on my computer . My husband swears that the wt actually never predicted the end but it was just gossip among it's followers

  • willyloman

    Many religious people worship their emblems in the same way; there are folks who will not write in a bible because they feel they are desecrating it somehow; these people would never throw a bible in the garbage can for the same reason.

    The reverence JWs hold for their literature is really brought home when you attend a public talk. There you will almost certainly hear a speaker refer to "page 15, paragraph 23" of an obscure publication or an edition of the Watchtower magazine that is 10, 20 or 30 years old... and this citation is delivered as proof of whatever opinion he is offering at the moment.

    When I first began to go to meetings, it used to bother me that the WT literature was absolutely accepted as the authority for whatever interpretation was being made, but in time I accepted this and bought into it. It's the constant repetition, you know? Fortunately, I am now way past this mental lapse and thinking on all cylinders.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    My husband swears that the wt actually never predicted the end but it was just gossip among it's followers

    Maybe your husband should read Chapter 9 of Crisis of Conscience by former Governing Body Member Ray Franz and read it carefully for there are many descriptions of the world ending both in the 1970s and 1980s

  • iiz2cool

    heh heh! I remember that watchtower. It was the final straw that made me leave the cult. When we studied it in the hall I remember deciding I'd possibly leave the org if it didn't come true. When I tried to find it a few years later I couldn't. Once I started having serious doubts I started checking out "apostate" sites, and found a reference to it. So I went to my mom's house to check her magazines, because she kept old magazines rather than getting bound volumes. Sure enough, it was there. I DA'd shortly after that.

    Some JWs might say that it was not a prediction of the end. Even so, it clearly stated that there would be no more field service? after the year 2000.


  • kls

    Happyguy i have the book sitting on my dresser and he won't look at it because it is written by an Apostate and the fact that the truth will hurt.

  • tata

    I laughed a lot with your answers people. I have to say that in my house my mom still has two or three of the same watchtower, awake and books. And of course I remember when I do the same. It is true it?s so stupid, but we did it.

    it just amazes me that the WTS has such a strong mental hold on people.

    Me too, because we can't see it and we do not think of that, everything they do or say we just accepted for good and ?true?.

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Isn't that idolatry? It is in fact paper. Worship of paper. Rusty

  • stillajwexelder

    The paragraph says ---- -- --- -- rarely - the scriptures say ---- I have heard that so many times - you are correct- the literature is virtually worshipped

  • Leolaia

    Hey....the Theocrats in Brooklyn say you can throw it out:


    g91 8/8 When Clutter Gets Out Of Control ***

    Following are some helpful suggestions regarding specific items that can easily clutter your home if you are not careful.

    Reading material: Do you find it hard to dispose of old magazines or newspapers? Does a title easily catch your eye, causing you to tell yourself: ?I?ll get around to reading this one of these days?? Instead of saving the whole magazine or newspaper, clip the article that looks interesting and put it in a "To Be Read" folder. If it is not read within a reasonable time?perhaps a few weeks?throw it out.

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