Record of the WT "Controling" $2.8 Billion

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  • shotgun

    Man..... they would shite their pleated pants if Jesus told them to give all their riches to the poor and come follow him!

    Special guest speaker at GB meeting today is Jesus.

    Yes Jesus you have the floor.

    Jesus: Why yall storing up treasures where moth and rust consume?

    Ted: Aw Christ I knew you were going to ask that. Money market funds are very secure in this time of the end Jesus...there almost as secure as a UN library card...ha ha *slaps Jesus on the back*

  • Rabbit

    Shotgun, Pronto...PM

  • bebu
    "The Watch Tower Society has always endeavored to use all the resources at its disposal to further the preaching of the good news... Right down to the present, the organization uses available funds to send out traveling overseers to fortify the congregations and to encourage them in their public ministry....It also uses whatever funds are available to send special pioneers into areas where little or no preaching of the Kingdom message has yet been done. As reported in the 1993 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses, during the previous service year, $45,218,257.56 (US) was expended these ways."

    This I quoted from the Proclaimers book the other day. The book lauds how Russell died with $11 to his name, and no worldly possessions. (A big expense account in the WT though, I think.)

    But now, the WTS has been hoarding funds in the millions... and likely, billions.

    I guess they really have come a long way since Russell!


  • shotgun


    The book lauds how Russell died with $11 to his name,

    The only reason he escaped with that 11 dollars was because he had clinched tightly in his asscheeks, and only then because Rutherford forgot where he left it.

  • candidlynuts

    well dang.. why should us poor people sweat over giving 20 bux a week we could use on groceries or socks for our kids when they just stick it into an account to gain interest..


  • avengers

    Hey! Do you think the Watchtower will compensate my pension, since I lost out because of listening to their advice?

    "Don't spend your money on needless pensions or Life insurances. 1975 is right around the corner.
    Cash in your assets and go and preach the Good News in places where the need is greatest."

    This is what I feel like. A three times sucker.

    Andy of the still too naive class.

  • Bangalore



  • designs

    Our sweat their gain. In the world of Religions they are a smaller player however, Baptists control at least $15,000,000,000.00 annually.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    The could buy their own paradise Island where lambs and lions live together in peace!

  • Balaamsass

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