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    Or maybe he wants to be with you but his religion keeps him back

    He does. He's actually told me that but he does believe the WT is the one true religion. He has a hardcore wife and a little baby girl so I don't see the situation changing. We both like doing the same things and it sucks being kept apart all these years when he lives off the same main road that I do. Just sucks.

    I noticed you guys were in full suits in the caverns. What kind of temps are you dealing with there? How long were you under? Did you do more than one dive in the Cenotes?


    Yeah, we had full suits on. They said the water was 75 degrees but it was chilly. I got used to it pretty quickly and it felt kind of good after standing around in the hot Mexican jungle swatting mosquitos. Our first dive was 45 minutes. Our max depth was around 30 feet. We dove Dos Ojos first, did a surface interval and then a part of the system called The Bat Cave. But there are a number of cenotes to dive in that area. The newest one is called Dreamgate. They were filming a new IMAX movie in it when I was there. Here is the outfit I dived with.

    Here are pics of their newest dive Dreamgate:

    I hear diving in Hawaii is nice from chatting with LB. I haven't dived there yet but would like to someday. Cozumel is good because it's cheap and close to Texas, and you have the option of cavern diving in addition to diving the beautiful Palancar Reef system and Santa Rosa Wall.

    I'm all for a scuba fest.

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