I'm sick for the first time in years and I need pity. :D

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  • pr_capone

    For the first time since 2001, I am honestly and truly sick. I believe I have the flu. I am cold but sweating up a storm, my head feels like it is on fire though. I have been coughing almost non-stop for 3 days now.. in fact so much that (very literaly) my eyes hurt. Running a 101 or possibly more now fever. I have had perhaps 4 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours. At least I am not throwing up everywhere.

    I went to Target and spoke with the pharmasist and she told me to take some sudafed which is helping quite a bit. Also got some Tylenol PM so I can get some pain relief and hopefully get some sleep too.

    Wont someone make me some chicken soup, tell me a bedtime story, kiss my forehead and tuck me in?

    Anyone but Valis that is. :D

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • hillbilly

    Stay over in the corner.....WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over in the corner...come near me and I will hurt you!

    Hill ("sympathy" is between shit and shypillis in the dictionary class)

    *really, feel better PR... rest and hydrate yourself... a few days and you'll be right back on top of things

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Poor PR. Well Nina makes a great Greek chicken soup (I can barely pronounce it much less spell it!). We just bought the Star Wars DVD set, so there would be something for you to watch, and Jackson needs to read a book and make a report for third grade, he's chosen "Ben and Me" about a mouse and Benjamin Franklin, so there's your story.

    Now I like ya lot PR, but I ain't kissing you anywhere! I'll leave that up to Valis.


  • Elsewhere

    I'm with Hillbilly!!! Stay over THERE!

    *** Spraying myself with Lysol ***

  • Iforget

    Come sit next to me sugar. I make great soup...but I am under the weather as well. We can talk about everyone else between sneezes.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    What you need is a couple of boilermakers and some rest.

    Take the boilermakers and you WILL get some rest.

    (Hope you're feeling better today.)

  • Valis

    eh pr is sick and Double E has a speech impediment...*LOL*

    Hey man I hope you are feeling better soon. I hate being ill..

    Keep us posted and let us know if we need to send for a hearst...

    I also hear doing shot of this stuff kills ALL the pesky germs..


    District Overbeer

  • Sassy

    hope you are feeling better today PR

  • Scully

    *snaps on latex-free gloves*

    *pats pr_capone on the head*

    There, there... you'll be fine... lots of rest... lots of fluids... now go to sleep...

    Love, Nurse Scully

  • Valis

    whoa there Scully! I'm not sure a "bend over and cough" exam is gonna make him feel any better..


    District Overbeer

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