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  • Satanus

    I was w a small band of about 8 people on horseback in england. Some challenger/threat to the throne had just landed. The leader of the group and the rest were going to go ride down and kill the person(s). The leader told me to ride back to inform the queen. I thought that they were greatly outnumbered by the landing group. However, the leader was totally fearless, totally unconcerned about death.

    Scene two: I'm in a fairly large pub type place, full of peasants. A leader who is not exactly that popular w the peasants is joking/cajoling them goodnaturedly in an attempt to get support for something or other.

    Scene three, continuation of scene one: I have arrived at the queen's palace and am awaiting an audience w her in her bedroom. (Note: i believe that this was a way for them to have private meetings w people) Enterpretations?


  • gumby

    Your mind is playing tricks on you and trying to talk you into discontinuing your indulgence in mushrooms. Smoke weed......you never have weird dreams like that.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Well I'm clueless.... that's SOME dream. There's a couple of people on this board that do fairly well in interpreting dreams. (can't remember who, but when they see your topic, they'll chime in).

    On the same note.... Last night I dreamt I was in a tall office building with fellow workers just about to get fired, then someone looked out the window and screamed "GET ON THE FLOOR" ... Just then a brilliant light hit and I knew that an A-bomb exploded nearby .... I woke up really spooked. Took me an hour to get back to sleep.

  • Satanus


    Yah, i heard that shrooms are bogus.


  • Cicatrix

    Here are some entries from "Dream Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind". This particular one is a Jungian dream book.There are several different styles of dream dictionaries. I can't really interpret your dream for you, but you could look at these and think about what was going on in your life around that time.

    Another method of interpretation is word association. What do these words mean to you personally? Based on your history and your unique perspective on life, you may find that the dream has a totally different meaning.One thing that came to my mind is what were you waiting to tell the queen?

    8-death and resurrection;infinity;old fonts and baptisteries are octagonal because of the associateion with regeneration

    people-depict your human attitudes,strengths, and anxieties

    group of people-how you meet the pressure of scoial norms;public opinions

    horse-pleasurable energy and exuberance,the sort of energy or feelings of well-being that can "carry" one through the day easily; dynamic sexual drive, the physical energy and life processes that "carry us around. The life processes that carry-or pull-us through growth and aging.

    enemy-the person or group you are pitted agains represents something, probably within yourself, that you are in conflict with.

    kill-repressing or stopping some aspect of yourself

    queen-One's mother; a figure we use in dreams to illustrate our need for acknowledgement and personal and public acclaim; also represents one's culture, language, and traditions. Insome dreams the king or queen is dreamt about as the dreamer is becoming accalimed externally, and the dreams may precede this.

    barroom-often indicates how you relate to groups; relaxation or conflict with friends and others, depending on action in dream. There may therefore be signs of aggressiveness or defensiveness; feelings about society; exploring ideas or feelings, as one might in a communicative atmosphere in a bar; hopes, fears, or expectations about finding a sexual partner.Therefore the meeting or avoiding of the compelxities of relationship; gathering information or realizing things unconsciously gathered; can be difficulties regarding alchohol; one's techinique for avoinding confrontation with loneliness, anxiety, sense of failure, etc.

    leader-our relationship with authority figures, or the generally accepted ideas that people take to guide their life; the relationshiop with the leader might show how much responsibility we are taking for our life; feelings of being responsible, as in parenthoood or professional capacity.

    palace-a sense of importance, or privilege. In some dreams about a palace, there are evident feelings of something special happening. This probably links with the way palaces ar used in fairy stories. Such a palace represents the wonders of yourself, your amazing mind and qualities that might sleeping or overcome by enemies-i.e. disuse or ignoring them. The palace is also the storehouse of your culture and past, the treasure house of our family, social and racial inheritance.

    castle-Feeling of security or insecurity; defensive attitudes; the way we defend ourselves agains "attack"; past attittudes that may have been necessary in childhood to defend ourselves while strengthening our identity; our way of defending against or experiencing childhood pain.

    bedroom-privacy;sex; intimacy; rest; feelings of wanting to retreat

  • gitasatsangha

    You fell asleep reading a biography of Sir Christopher Marlowe?

  • nilfun

    Consultation with your feminine side will help you defeat the enemy.

  • SYN

    Double Edge, I'm not being pedantic, but I doubt that you'd have much warning if a nuclear weapon was about to go off nearby. Those missiles move fast!

  • Satanus

    I wonder of symbology carries more wieght than past lives theory?


  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    My interpretation is that you like violence, beer and sex....you sound like a normal male to me...carry on.

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