Hi. Are exJW non-Fundy Christian Americans welcome here?

by binadub 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    Welcome, welcome. We all left a group that did not tolerate different beliefs.


  • under74

    Hi Binadub

  • target

    Welcome Binadub. Many of us here are not only dub-free but religion-free too. Be what you wanna be!


  • Billygoat

    Hi binadub! Welcome to the board. Yes, there are non-fundy Christians here...we're just looked at as the crazy ol' aunts in the family. Most of the board thinks we're strange, but they love us anyway.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Hiya binadub. And a very big WELCOME and {{{{ hugs }}}} to ya!

    There was a thread a couple weeks ago, that asked if we had scared away the highly vocal fundies and the general concesus was yes. I think this board runs left-wing liberal to close to middle right-wing concervative. We have chrisians, non-christians, pagans, neo-pagans, wiccans, athiests, agnostics, new agers, and those of us who don't fall into any of these pidgeon-poop holes but have created our own (pidgeon-poop hole, that is).

    (I find it totally amazing that an ex JW would turn to another fundamentalist group and bible/jesus thumping. I guess they're incapable of thinking for themselves and getting over it.)

    As someone else said, it doesn't matter what you believe, but how you behave here on JWD. Albeit we have some very heated discussions, intolerance is not acceptable.

    Stick around. There's lots to learn and lots to enjoy here.


    PS Now that the Red Sox have blown out baseball history.... Go Kerry!

    I've already voted - ballot mailed last Monday. Damn I still have to deal with all these campaign ads. Thank gawd for mute buttons.

  • Carmel

    Hey binadub, from and ex-Jonadab-now Baha'i, welcome. We exes have kinds of stripes, spots and stains.. pull up a chair and have a cupa jo!


  • Badger

    I have a pick somewhere of an Agnostic, a neo-pagan, a Quaker and a Methodist all playing poker at a recent apostafest....So I'd say yes...Welcome!

  • StinkyPantz

    I think there are more non-religous here than anything else. Very few fundies.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Welcome! I haven't been here long (or been an ex-JW for long) but I've found the live-and-let-live approach considerably more enjoyable than the live-and-choke-the-life-outta-anybody-who-doesn't-buy-it approach the JW's foisted on me.

    I can't imagine what you'd have to believe to be "unwelcome" in this group. Start making irrational statements along the lines of "I believe it because some men in Brooklyn said I should" and you might be batted about the head with a bookbag full of Reference Bibles, but you probably wouldn't say anything like that anyway...

    How long have you known the truth about "The Truth"? My wife and I started fading a month or so ago.


  • LittleToe

    Heck, even exJW non-Fundy Christian Brits are welcome here, like myself

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