Dr Alton Williams is at Watchtower.org

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  • VM44

    In my years of doing scientific research, I have never encountered a conflict between a proved scientific fact and a teaching of the Bible

    This is ridiculous! It is a MEANINGLESS, EMPTY statement!

    Why? Dr Williams field of research is in OPTICS!!!!!! His dissertation is on classical scattering theory! X-ray and fiber optics are his areas of work.

    What statements does the Bible make concerning these areas?

    So even if he has conducted years of scientific research, what does that have to do with showing no conflict between the Bible and science?

    Does Dr Williams give any examples? The answer is NO!

    In fact, there is a logical, or argumentative, fallacy here. Trying to provide support for a statement by using an irrelevant topic.

    I believe this statement would be classified as a "Red Herring"

    Is Dr Williams really being honest here? If not, then what kind of a scientist is he?

    Every time I read this article is become more and more apparent that the WT is trying to get as much milage as they can from the fact that William's has a Ph.D and is a scientist.


  • AlanF

    VM44 said:

    : Every time I read this article is become more and more apparent that the WT is trying to get as much milage as they can from the fact that William's has a Ph.D and is a scientist.

    Exactly. This is their modus operandi -- "prove" by authority, not facts and reason.

    I've emailed Dr. Williams and challenged him to back up some of his claims in the article. I'll shit a brick if he replies.


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  • agonus

    If a man with this kind of towering intellect "came into the truth", surely Witnesses with similar intellectual prowess are no threat to the org if they decided to further develop their gift by attending uni?

  • agonus

    So this "life story" is up on the WT site right now, eh? Imagine the damage that could be done if all was not as it seems with Dr. Williams. Not that I'm encouraging such shenanigans, of course...

  • asilentone

    I head that this guy is a PO/CBOE in Montgomery, Alabama. (If I have the location right?)

  • diamondiiz

    WTS uses these people for their own good. These naive individuals go and get educated while not being a dub, make a career while still being interested in spiritual things. Maybe they lost a loved one or are going through a hardship nd a dub appears at their door and offers them solution to any and all problems and BAM the person becomes a dum while wts jumps in and uses the man for their own needs to recruit others. Why don't they write more stories about a born in being loyal going to university and getting a degree in history/medicine/law or others and they use this as a part time employment to pioneer? They would have a hell of a time finding these people as witness kids know the wts teachings and when in educated environment they learn more facts about real world and relize that wts is a fraud and most never return to wts ranks and that is why we don't see such stories in awake.

    WTS should allow other people to post comments underneath their stories but again that would open up a window for all of us evil ones who may not buy into wts bogus story telling.

  • fokyc
  • cameo-d

    Is math required for a degree in optics?

  • thetrueone

    Some people learn and study scientific knowledge but they have difficulty in assembling that perceived knowledge into a

    cognitive and practical perspective injunction with other knowledge.

    I noticed that he acquired his degree and became a JWS when he was only 25 years old, thats still pretty young.

    I think the whole article was put out by the WTS. to say that see even the highly educated can see the TRUTH of are organization,

    we're aren't just made up of a bunch of poorly educated dummies.

    Self marketing propaganda in essence.

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