The Bible: Number one selling book of all time?

by Elsewhere 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • heathen

    I'd say it has to easily be the # 1 published book of all time . If you go to any hotel or motel you will find a gideons in the drawers of dressers in every room . The bible is making even more progress throughout the world like in the middle east and japan .

    Isn't the Truth book considered fiction even by the WTBTS these days ?

  • blondie

    I wonder what is the #1 book READ of all time?

  • heathen

    LOL@blondie--- I think the bible is the #1 seller but probly most people just have it because they think they should but don't have to read it .

    most read book is probly jason and the argonauts or some mythology . I know most colleges want people to read war and peace and stuff like that .

  • Mary
    I wonder what is the #1 book READ of all time?

    Crisis of Conscience

  • RunningMan

    "The Quotations of Chairman Mao" reached a cirulation of 720 million copies in only four years. So, in the propaganda department, the WTBTS comes in a distant second.

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