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  • vitty

    As an english speaking person, with an english accent, living in England. Why were we subjected every year to the conventions drama with an AMERICAN voice over.

    Could they not have had tapes with an english accent?

    I have nothing against the American accent, some are very pleasent

    Also in the Watchtower, that is even printed in England, we would have American phraseology eg Folks and persons, its PEOPLE for gods sake!

    Spellings also eg gray and color, we spell them grey and colour.

    It used to really make me snigger, when a brother use say Isaiah, the way he thought he should, the American way, then half way through his talk start saying it the CORRECT way

    Now all you Americans dont take offence but what do you think??

  • Brummie

    flamin Americans and their stupid religions! lol.

    You're point was noticed by magazine routs a lot, a few would say to me "this is a very american religion isnt it" and then comment on the spellings etc

    These days, If I have speaking tapes, I prefer to listen to American tapes rather than British. I think we have dull none emotional accents on our English tapes, Americans make it more lively. Thats just my opinion and I'm sure some Brits wont like it.

    You make a valid point about tapes at conventions because a lot of new people used to get suspect at the very American style and get the feeling they were being duped by a cult (in hindsight I'd now say this is a good thing)

  • avishai

    Jesus Christ!!!!Thanks for that info, God, I don't know what I would have done without it!

  • nilfun

    So you're saying they should tailor their message for their audience?

    Not an unreasonable request, I think.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    avishei: Jesus Christ!!!!Thanks for that info, God, I don't know what I would have done without it!

    Then you can thank your lucky stars that now you know...

    I remember a visitor to my country (who had his address broardcast via Assemby Halls to every JW in the land) spent 20 minutes or more re-educating us on how to pronounce Isaiah.... Since then a JW's sprirituality was measured on whether he pronounced Isaiah the old way or the 'right' way...

    On the accents... every English speaking country has pleasent and awful accents used by differnt people, but it seemed at one time that JW America had only whining, nasel, drawling accents to offer the drama ... they were horrible... (as opposed to TV America which uses good accents). Later on they improved their choice of voices, especially for the video's and readings - they weren't too bad, if a bit overly gandfatherly.

    I think avishei should now be required to spell according to OED, not Websters, and use only British colouqualisims in all his future posts...

  • under74

    well, jehovah was directing the organization out of brooklyn...what other kind of accent do you expect? Anyway, if an american accent is good for jesus, it should be good enough for everyone else.

  • Preston

    I'll get you 'enry Iggins!!!

    (My Fair Lady)

  • core

    Back in around '65 at Blackpool (?) England the drama was ( as they all were then) acted out live with microphones on stage for the players to use - no tape from Brooklyn - just several copies of the actual script.

    The Jeremiah drama was (idea of the CO _ Ernie Elliott ??) actually acted out and taped on reel to reel tapes in a local Kingdom Hall - in advance of the assembly -, and then the actors mimed at the actual assembly - I think from the favorable reviews that set a standard for some years so that those involved in assemblies in the UK all acted out and taped the drama well beforehand - of course that was enjoyable and took up too much time so the Org directed that one set of tapes would be made (in Brooklyn) and all English speaking assemblies would use them - the result being the ludicrous American accents (spoken out in the UK that is - ludicrously out of place)

  • blondie

    I can remember several dramas in the past having British voiceovers for some of the characters. I guess it all depends who is in good standing and has a good speaking voice at Bethel and is known to the JWs in charge of the dramas.

  • Englishman

    In George Stevens' biblical epic The Greatest Story Ever Told, John Wayne made a cameo appearance as a Roman centurion who leads Jesus to his Crucifixion. When Wayne delivered his only line - "Truly, this was the Son of God" - for the first time, Stevens called "Cut!" and turned to Wayne: "You're referring to the Son of God here, Duke," he observed. "You've got to deliver the line with a little more awe." Wayne dutifully did the take again - and solemnly declared: "Aw, truly this was the Son of God!"


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