Digital camara as a webcam?

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    Ok. I admit it. I'm terrible on the computer. I had no idea I'd posted this in the Bible Study section. And I've even less idea how to move it to the right section.

    I only ever browse the site under the Active topics section!

    Thanks for all your help tho

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    Oh! and don't panic. I was joking about distributing the NWT and WT/AW via webcam!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    When you start a new topic it will automaticaaly put the new thread in the last topic heading you were in. To make sure your topic goes in the right category go to the topic section you want your thread to be in and then click on NEW TOPIC.

    I have moved this for you

    And yup your instruction booklet or the internet website for your camera should have the info on how to use your camera as a webcam. But it will eat up a lot of memory so you be prepared if you use batteries.

  • berten

    This depends on how your camera is recognized by your computer when connecting it

    through an USB port;if your computer sees it as an extra drive and adds a letter to it so you can access

    the *jpg-files on it via Explorer or Total Commander (Or any other filemanager) then it probably won't work as a webcam.

    If you need to retrieve your photos from your camera via an application included on the CD-rom,then it works

    via the scanner-protocol where you "Acquire" your photos through a driver program and into your application,then

    it will also work as a webcam,and MsMessenger or any other chat-progr. will probably immediately recognize it as a webcam...

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