Ray Franz update

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  • one

    He became 82 on may 8, the wt propagated news long ago about his death has been "exaggerated".

    He always gets back to me even if takes some time to write.

    Recently he received shipping of 3000 copies of Crisis of Conscience (4th edition), 158 cartons.

    But he is getting help now from (edited), a russian young man, including managing his website www.commentarypress.com .

    He is starting to get feeback from Latin America such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina and others. Internet is getting around I guess.

    Pending on his family health issues, he wants to go back and revisit Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic where he started his "career", becoming branch overseer, and is well known..

  • kls

    Thank's One, it's good to hear that he is alive and well. I do hope he knows how much he has done for so many on writing his book and we thank him.

  • Emma

    It would be great for him to revisit those areas. I know he has limited resources; will he need help?

  • Bubbamar

    Thank you for posting this. Glad to hear he is doing well. What kind of "career?" So glad to hear the message is getting around.

  • one

    I keep on telling him about so many of us have been set "free" thanks to his writtings. You know the true "true shall make you free".

    Complaint,is not his style, by the way i rembember his wife, Cinthia, was always smiling she is beautiful too, but he can use any monetary help, a "donation" a check or money order "for your trip to the Caribbean" dont sound bad.

    Or anyone can orden a book or too and tell him to keep the "change", thats what everyone does at restaurants for "food" which do not provide lasting benefits. The food he has provided for our minds is much better, dont you think?

    If you dont need the book just give away or donate to a library.

    He sent me, for free, boxes of his previous book editions, with specific instructions to donate them, it has been my honor following the instructions. .

    His "career" was missionary by his qualifications the WT president asked him to go to Bethel, around 1965, to work on major writting project and to become a GB member as his major acomplishment, within the WT of course.

    His uncle was the number 2 in brooklyn, actually number one when you think about it, his uncle was the "oracle" who could "rationalize anything".

    But such blood relationship had nothing to do with his climbing, he could and can shine by himself as you can see by the books he wrote for the WT, the best in my opinion.

    So good were his WT writting that caused him some trouble eventually..

    No you can see his other writtings as he freely started thinking outside the box at brooklyn.


  • seattleniceguy

    I have the utmost respect for Mr. Franz. I hope he occasionally reads this board and sees how many people his experiences have helped. I salute the man's integrity and courage.


  • codeblue

    I loved his books.

    I sent him an email before his recent surgery........I hope he is doing well with his recovery.

    I really was on the same page with him even before I read his books....

    It was amazing what he wrote about were many of my feelings about the truth(tm)......he just added the experiences of Bethel and what really went on that really confirmed and made me feel good about my stand with righteousness.

    I sure hope he is feeling well... Please pass this on to him and his wife if you are in contant with him.



  • teejay

    If there is a god,

    May he Bless Ray Franz

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    My awakening came at the time of Ray Fanz,David Reed.and Steve Hassan all coming out and getting ramped up at pretty much the same time. [ca.1994]

    Hail the apostate heroes!

  • GetBusyLiving27

    Ray Franz is the only Jehovah's Witness that has ever been on the governing body, in my opinion. He's helped me more than I can even express. God bless that guy.


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