It is a miracle-I'm back after 2 years

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  • target

    I used to post here 3 years ago but then all of a sudden I could not get logged on. I tried e-mailing about the problem but got no answer. So I have been lurking for the last couple of years and have tried from time to time to log on with no luck. Today, by some miracle, it suddenly worked!

    Most of the posters here do not know me and the rest most likely do not remember me. I have been faded for 4 years now. Had the good fortune to move to another state and when the congregation sent our records, they sent them to the wrong hall/ wrong city. No one knows where we are. Husband left with me. Our only son, raised a JW and his wife-raised a JW- left when the UN thing broke. Her mother is a die-hard dub yet. So I do not have any horror stories to tell, just that we were controlled by a cult for 30 years.

    I do have this to say, though. When we were doing "the preaching work", we were always taught that we were "planting seeds" even if it did not appear to be working. Well, I can list "seeds of doubt" that go all the way back to the beginning. I just kept filing them away, but never forgot them. I remember the first piece of "apostate literature" I got outside my first assembly in Milwaukee Wisconsin when I was first studying. The pile of doubts got pretty high, and then came the study article about the king of the north. That was the turning point for me. After that it was just a matter of waiting for the right time and opportunity to jump ship. My point is, you may think the die-hard dub is not listening when you reason with them, but you may be planting a lot more seeds than you ever thought.

    It is nice to be back, now that someone left the door unlocked for me


  • New Castles
    New Castles

    Welcome back, Target!

    Im fairly new here, been reading and posting since around Feb. of this year....this is a great place, isnt it?

  • betweenworlds

    Welcome back Target! Good to see...errrr, read you again!


  • link

    Welcome back target,

    I have exactly the same problem. The site won?t let me log on but I have now managed to figure a way around this problem and it may help others to know about this.

    Fill in your user name and password but do nothing else. Click to log on and the code number will light up saying you must enter it in the box. Now fill in the code number and click to log on ? you will find this always works and you will be logged on.

    Just one point ? if you click the "remember me" box it wont let you on, so you have to log on as above every time.



  • bebu

    I had trouble (twice) due to getting my email and user name mixed up. (I also had a computer crash, and the reinstall erased all kinds of info.) Then my password...

    I had the hardest time finding Simon's email in order to get help. I couldn't use the search because I wasn't logged in; I finally had some luck and found it by reading a lot of the technical support threads. The first time, I emailed Randy Watters at Freeminds and asked him to forward my email to Simon... (thanks again, Randy!)

    I think it might be a good option to have a "contact technical support" email link option available on the home page, because you can't simply pm Simon if you can't log in.

    Anyway, target... Welcome back! Thanks for re-introducing yourself. What a relief that your whole immediate family is borg-free. And what you say about seeds is true.


  • kls

    Hi Target, geez it could be possible that we know each other. I was raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin and attended the Brookfield Hall . I am so happy you have your family together and post some of your stories , would love to hear them ,,,,,,,,,Welcome Back

  • Brummie

    Welcome back target, good to meet you after such a long time, glad you got in.

  • Simon

    Sorry if I missed your email. Glad you got things sorted out anyway and welcome back !

    If anyone does have problems you should contact me via:

  • FMZ

    What was that Simon?? ?


    j/k mate


  • target

    Thanks guys, for the welcome back. Link, I will try your suggestion. If you never see me again, you will know I got locked out again

    KLS, Milwaukee is kind of a big place. I was there when I started studying, but got baptized in Oconomowoc. From there I moved to Watertown.

    I do have some stories to tell. The kind the dubs would rather no one knew about


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