The Name of God YHWH and the Pagan Pentagram

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  • Sirona

    I came across some interesting information in a book I have just finished ("Advanced Wiccan Spirituality" by Kevin Saunders)


    The original Hebrews also saw the points of the pentagram as representing four elements of God (two masculine elements and two feminine elements) with the uppermost point representing spirit.
    The four Hebrew letters around the lower points of the pentagram (figure 7) are Yod, He, Vau, He. These are the four letters (equating to sounds and vibrations) that spell out what is known as the true name of God in Hebrew - YHVH - pronounced Yah We Yah Veh, or more commonly, Jehovah. We need to remember that Hebrew is written from right to left, so YHVH is put on the pentagram from the bottom right working anti-clockwise.
    The symbol at the top, in the position of spirit is Shin (or Sin). ...... Sin or Shin in its position at the top of the pentagram represents the divine spirit followed through the unbroken line of the figure through the other energies that form the name of God. If we now drop the Shin letter from its position in the spiritual plane into the position of the earthly material plane, i.e. into the middle of YHVH, we get the word YHSVH or Joshuah, or perhaps even more commonly known as Jesus. Jesus then is the representation of God on the physical plane and Sin is that element of the divine spirit when it is trapped in the material.

    The text goes into much more detail about many other associations with the pentagram, including how it represents the passive and active feminine forces of God and similarly the passive and active Masculine forces of God. Also how this relates to the Kabballa.

    Overall I think this is very interesting and puts a spanner in the works for the JW idea of Jehovah being nothing to do with ancient pagan religion.



  • Sirona

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  • Sirona

    Well, I thought it was really interesting!


  • shotgun

    No wonder you've been missing from the forum for so long, you have been reading again...what did I tell you about all those comfounded books cluttering your head with information.

    Sirona...I really think you need to reach out and strive to be more like Gumby, just empty your head...pick your nose a little and laugh like ol Gumby when people discuss subjects like why the alphabet has so many damn letters and why abbreviated is such a long word.

    Seriously..sounds like an interesting book, The Divinci code touched on the Pentagram but with that book fact and fiction were too mixed up to know what was truthful...Your book might raise a few eyebrows though if I were seen reading it.

  • Sirona

    Hi Shotgun,

    Thanks for responding!

    You are right, I've been doing a lot of reading

    I'm starting my open university course soon aswell. I'm still reading the forum by the way, I've just not been posting as much. I think we go through cycles of posting lots then slacking off a bit...

    Anyway, some of the things it says about the pentagram are quite interesting, like its first known use was 3500BC. Hidden within it is the Phi ratio which forms the basis of the fabian spiral - the Golden Mean.

    This is also fascinating: if you draw a pentagram within a thirteen foot circle, with the points just touching the circle's circumference (to form a pentacle) the length of any one of the 5 lines will measure 12.364 feet. 12.364 is the exact number of lunar months in a year. In fact the pentagram is closely associated with the planet Venus. This planetary energy has been associated with the Goddesses Venus, Aphrodite, Rhiannon and Mary (and others). If Venus's movement around the sun is plotted, from the perspective of earth, a perfect pentagram pattern can be traced. Is this just a remarkable coincidence?

    OK, I need to switch my brain off now... LOL


  • shotgun

    Yup..I've read this before and seeing as all ancient cultures mapped the stars this does not seem to be a coincidence.

    If Venus's movement around the sun is plotted, from the perspective of earth, a perfect pentagram pattern can be traced. Is this just a remarkable coincidence?
  • Leolaia
    Keep in mind the fact that Jesus' name is not actually spelled Yod, Heh, Shin, Vav, Heh. This is a very common misconception in Hermetic and Christian Qabalah. The name Joshua (Jesus in Greek) is actually spelled Yod, Heh, Vav, Shin, Ayin.
  • Jim_TX


    Well... I ain't been readin as much as you... but I have read a little bit... and have come to realize that the Hebrews... or Israelites... or whatever... were very deep into mystic things. Didn't they have their own astrologers?

    Anyway... if you read reeeeeal close in the bible, you will see areas where they talk about 'signs' and such. Well... DUUH!!!

    Plus - the '3 wise men' were astrologers. The JWs put a spin on that - trying to make it as if these dudes were false religious representatives - or whatever... but were not - in my mind - able to explain why the 'mighty Jeehover' would assist them to get away - by telling them to return home via another way. (He could've just smashed them to dust iffn he wanted to.) I think that they were approved representatives.

    Anyway - there are all sorts of references in the bible to things that those people did - hell they HAD to watch the sun, moon, and planets - how else would they KNOW what day it was? Sheesh! So yeah! - they had astrologers in their midst.

    Other things that you are pointing out about the pentagram are interesting. I believe that a lot of what we consider 'mystic' or 'pagan' *rolls eyes* nowadays - was considered math and science in those days.

    Okay... I'm rambling,


    Jim TX

  • New Castles
    New Castles

    I read something about this in the Davinci Code and have been interested in this topic ever since....

    Thanks for sharing this info

  • Satanus

    This dispells the wt idea that they own the name, demons run from it. Witches are enthralled w it, as are kabbalists and a few other magical type groups. Silly wt.


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