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  • eljefe

    I had a debate on another forum with a Jehovah's Witness on a gun forum. Anyway he is a JW that owns several handgun as well as an AR-15 (the civilian version of the military's M-16). I posted several Watchtower articles that show how JW's shouldn't own guns.

    I am curious if anyone else had guns while a JW, and if so which?

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  • hillbilly

    I have know many active, good standing JW gun owners. It really depends on region too. JW's tend to reflect the community they live in (so much for "no part of the world"). The gun owners just dont make a fuss about it. Neither do the ones who have oral sex either, but I digress.

    Up in the rural midwest and south (USA) many hunt and fish on a regular basis. When I was in south Florida most witnesses tended to be rather liberal anti- gunners..... using some WT retoric as back-bone to justify a politcal tendendcy. We had a few hunters there and they just kept quiet.

    I always felt the self- defensive posture the WT required was stupid too... I kept a loaded wepon on hand all times. I know a few actives who do too.

    I have known a few JW cops who stayed at work too... never moved "up' in the org... but never left the gun at home either.

    Like everything else what they say isnt always what they mean or do.


    Hill (was a NRA member while in... no one ever noticed)

  • mkr32208

    I had a ton of guns my dad who's still in has even more we actually had a group of brothers who went out to the range after the sunday meeting about once a month...

  • eljefe

    I found this Watchtower article:

    20 For example, when the July 15, 1983, Watchtower magazine pointed out that guns were not for Christians, Jehovah?s Witnesses in New Caledonia got rid of their firearms. Shortly thereafter, a local political group searched through a town, burning down every house where they found firearms. But no Witness houses were destroyed. Known neutrality is often the best defense, as has proved true in Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, and other lands.

    Watchtower 85 7/1 pg 23

    I knew some "brothers" who had hunting rifles and shotguns. But no one who owned a hand gun. Its good to be out and shooting my guns.

    My guns:
    Browning High Power 9mm
    Glock 22 .40
    Springfield Armory 1911 .45
    Mossberg Series 88 12 gauge
    Coming Soon AK-47

  • jwbot

    my ex best friend is gun crazy and a JW. He is really really into his guns, which would be fine for me if he was not so full of hate and ready to use the guns. (he hates gays, jews and mexicans from what I have heard from him). He also owns some rather large weapons. Its scary. People like that should not own guns, but otherwise I am all for gun ownership that is safe and responsible. He is just so full of hate.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    I had a Colt AR-15 and AK47 and an SKS assult rifle, the AK had a 75 round drum mag {legal]

    Now i'm a crackshot with a camcorder.

    I know now that my gun collecting had a lot to do with the paranoid big death syndrome instilled in me by the Watchtower.

    Chain Gun

    That is a fact! This doesn't play into the no gun banners,this was me.Watchtower big death,7 birds for every human,7 years raking up the bones.The world's gog of magog gonna rape my mother and sisters.

    I'm not the only one and good thing i'm a safe guy!

  • iiz2cool

    I owned guns as a JW, and still do. They're all rifles and shotguns I use for hunting. A few JWs tried to give me a hard time over it but I had a "questions from readers" article from a watchtower ready to refute them. Handguns are harder to get (legally) in Canada, and I don't have any need for one so I never bothered.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    As Casey Stengel used to say ``you can look it up," but my recollection is that JWs make a distinction between the ownership of rifles and of handguns, the latter being a no-no and a possible disfellowshipping offense.

  • Englishman

    I used to shoot with a Miroku OU.

    Started of with clays and skeet, then rough shooting. One day, when Ben was only 5 or 6, I brought home a pair of woodcock. Ben said: "They're all Gods creatures, aren't they Dad?"

    Re gun ownership, I don't think that anyone in the UK should be allowed to carry a hand gun. Except me.


  • shotgun

    I always carried a 45 in my service case, ya know for those time and unforseen occurrance things that pop up out of no-where.

    I agree with those who stated it depends on where you live, in a rural setting it's quite common for a JW to have a gun for hunting and such but I never knew of any to have assault rifles or handguns...if they did mum was the word.

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