Who are these people?

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  • Soledad

    As I was walking home today (about 7pm) I passed in front of Madison Square Garden. There, a little boy, about 7-8 years old, hands me some literature. The literature is eerily similar to a Watchtower, but I knew that the people handing them out were not JWs. Needless to say, I was a little alarmed that such a young boy would be handing out religious literature, at that hour of the evening, in front of such a large venue, during rush hour, and not more than 10 feet away from major traffic and ticket scalpers.

    First of all, what the hell are those people thinking!!

    And secondly, who are these people? Has anyone here ever heard of Project Restore? I'm leafing through the magazine now. It's 30 pages in length, the cover reads "We have this Hope, Love's Joyful Reunion." There are 13 short articles in the publication, and the back cover reads "Guide to Bible Prophecy...and many other Bible teachings!" There's an order form for the book "Bible readings for the Home" and I got to tell ya, the artwork on the book cover is JUST LIKE the artwork from the JW publication "Listening to the Great Teacher!" It's really creepy. Even creepier is the article on page 14 "The Beast Revealed." If I had a scanner, I would scan this article in. There is a timeline and this:

    Note: Both the 42 months and the time, times and half a time equal 1260 prophetic days which are 1260 literal years according to thre principle found in Ezra 4:6
    A time =1 year =12 months =(12x30) 360 days
    2 times=2 years =24 months =(24x30) 720 days
    1/2 time=1/2 year=6months=(6x30) 180 days

    Apparently, it's not only the JWs who give into this stupid effin' calculation lunacy!!

    Nevetheless, they go on to identify the "beast" as none other than the Roman Catholic Church. Anyone surprised yet?

  • Leolaia

    "Project Restore's main activity is helping to produce and distribute topical religious magazines."


    Sound familiar??

  • Quotes

    And yet another cult forms.

    Don't worry, they generally disappear when the wacky egomaniacal leader dies and the followers scurry off looking to fill the void with another cult.

    Unless, of course, he incorporates his cult, in which case it could continue for at least 100 years after the founder's death.

    ~Quotes, of the "Yes, I *AM* referring to Watchtower, as a matter of fact" class

  • Confucious

    Went to the site and it's just plain out creepy. Were we as JW ever like that??

  • MelbaToast


    Also saw the site. Now that Im out of the JW's I saw the resemblence....very close to the what the JWs have said in the past.

    Thats all the reply that they are going to get from me- That pic of the lamb and the child on the first page sealed it for me.

    Melba of the "I have to go take a shower now" class

  • Markfromcali

    While we're on the subject, whatever happend with the World Wide Church of God? I recall seeing the shows on tv and it being similar in teaching in some respects.

  • Confucious

    WW Church of God is Jehovah's Witness Lite.

    I am not kidding...

    Same thing, with 1/3 less guilt.

    I kid you not.

    I saw them in a convention one time and it's all the same, accept they get to wear a little more casual clothing.

  • Markfromcali

    But are they low carb??

  • Satanus


    They went mainstream protestant. After the scandals, i think it was armstrongs son who renounced the whole thing, and the main body went traditional. The splinters that tried to stay true to garner ted's bs were known as splinters. During my christian phase, i went to one of their meetings (that was after they went mainstream). It felt a lot like the kingdom hall.


  • under74

    The rick ross institute has a bunch of articles about worldwide church of god http://www.rickross.com/groups/wwchurch.html but I'm not seeing anything about project restore...

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