Valis is Evil

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  • Brummie
    I hear that he burns harmless little green plants to ashes.

    Off with his head

    (not to be confused with "He's off his head"

  • FMZ

    I was hoping so Shotgun, I do love it when he's all aggressive.


  • kaykay_mp

    Thanks for giving me a heads-up!! That way I'll know to keep out of pinching range when I get a chance to come to one of the get togethers.

    ...I'll give him something to pinch....

  • xenawarrior

    weebulls wobble but they don't fall down

    But Valis does

  • Valis

    She called the cops on me!!!!!!


    District Overbeer...*Land of the Lost Class*

  • xenawarrior

    With all of man's modern technology- we still can't keep track of the Valis

  • Valis

    I may be evil, but I can still say thank you. I just wanted to give a big thanks to xenawarrior for having some of us in her home this past weekend. A good time was had by all. We even kept the political talk to a and if you started in you had to take a shot of tequila...Needless to say some decided to sass just hit the bottle..*LOL* As well, lauralisa, xw, her brother, me, SheilaM, and Thunder had an early Thanksgiving together since we can't meet next month. We also went to the Packers/Cowboys game which was great fun. Lambeau field is an awesome place to watch a game. Most of the fans were cool except for the old crotchety bastard and his wife who sat in front of us. They didn't like the fact we were loud and sometimes used the f*ck word at a football game. Immagine that? Well, after the game is when the real adventure started... You see I was walking out when the game was over and I just assumed everyone was behind me....The thing you have to understand about Lambeau is that there's really not official parking. Most of the businesses rent out spaces so ALL around the stadium for a good distance you have tailgate parties going on before and after the games. Well, I got turned around and headed out the wrong way with none of the gang to be found...As it got darker everything started looking the same and I got really lost. Luckily for me I had Apostates looking after me.. After about 2 or 3 hours of me being lost and them looking all over they called in the cops. So, the APB goes out and I'm found by two of GB's finest near a pay phone trying to get XW's phone number from home in Dallas, calling information, a good 12 blocks and on the other side of the stadium in the opposite direction of where we had parked...*LOL* I think that's one of the only times I've been in the backseat of a cop car without handcuffs on...*LOL*....In any case a great time was had by all and one can only hope that you get to keep good freinds and good times like that for a long time. SO, thanks again xenawarrior for having us at the house, getting us great seats for the game and being the hostess par excellence. w00t!..

    Now back to my regularly scheduled evil..


    District Overbeer

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'm glad things went well O Beloved District Overbeer. I just wish I could have made it. Although the way the Cowboys played, maybe it's just as well as I probably would have opened a vein on that crotchey old geezer.

    The thing you have to understand about Lambeau is that there's really not official parking.

    Well that's because Lambert is built out in the middle of a cow pasture. They don't ever show that part on video. Also the only thing in Green Bay is lot of smoke, that's why they are so crotchety.

  • xenawarrior
    Also the only thing in Green Bay is lot of smoke, that's why they are so crotchety.


    No crotchetyness (is that a word?) here !! We do have the superior football team, my friend !! Wish you could have been here !!

    (((Val))) You are quite welcome. It was a blast. I still wish I had taken a picture of you sitting in the back of that squad car. I was just glad we found you !! I'm tellin ya- next time it's a "people leash" for you !! Pretty soon you'll have so much travel gear they won't let you on the plane !! I'm glad you got to see a game at Lambeau. I'm also glad your team lost. Did you know that?

    ((((Sheila and Thunder)))) thank you for making the trip and for all your help and thank you Thunder for your always good cooking !! And you too Sheila - the guac and the cranberry sauce was awesome !! I'm glad to hear that your trip on the bus with wings went well on the way home !!

    (((Lauralisa))) Just think- we get to do this all over again in a few weeks !! Thanks for being here and for all the laughs- it's always such fun !!

    Here are some pics from game day:

    Valis finds a new friend:

    Hail Hail, the gang's all here! :

    XW and Lauralisa on the way to the game with Sheila and Thunder too !!

    THE FINAL SCORE : Packers 41- Cowboys 20

  • simplesally

    Looks like you had a good time, thanks for sending me the link, xw!!!!!!!

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