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  • bebu

    On another thread, MJ and Garybuss recommended a rather new book to me, which, it turns out, is available online as a download as well as a paperback that can be shipped.

    I think it is an excellent resource, and believe it could be recommended to many people, JW or ex JW, because it uses WT material and doctrines as its criteria for discerning if the WT really does have all the authority they claim. (If you are a JW, do you know WHAT proof you supposedly rely on that the WT is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?)

    Many of us have lots of good books and resources in our libraries; this book isn't on the level of COC, perhaps, but it is clearly written, well-organized, and uses the Proclaimers book for many references.

    BTW, it's $5 for the download. (Actually, whenever you use your password to get to your "library" you are able to click on the book to read it; this allows for some pretty private viewing.) If you've read it all, give a review here if you feel like it. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I think it's easily worth $5. (I also like that I could read it TONIGHT by download, instead of next Tuesday perhaps...)



  • jaredg

    i ordered the book yesterday. it should be here next week.

  • M.J.

    I think it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the tons of info out there on the WTS. One can spend years analyzing this doctrine or that instance of abuse. This book does a great job at focusing on the very heart of the matter: "Is the WTS God's organization?" Finding the answer to this question is surprisingly simple, and the author does a pretty nice job of answering this question based on the WTS's own criteria.

  • evergreen

    It looks like a fascinating book.I hope some of the bookstores start selling it in the uk.Cant order it in case the wife saw it. May have to download,,,Definately in mind though!

  • bebu

    I just finished it, and I give it

    2 thumbs up!

    I liked the section where they gave simple helps in using some points in the Proclaimers book, which I'm poking thru right now.

    ...Also, I mentioned in my first post, that JWs and ex-JWs would like it.. but it seems to be geared foremost to NON-JWs who are being coaxed into a free Bible study. First, to help them see how they are being duped, and secondly, how they can help the JWs to discover how they are being duped.


    PS I'd love to quote a few excerpts here, but I think the guy deserves to sell a few of these for all the good work he did.

  • Flash

    I had been waiting for this book. Another member here had brough it up about, oh 8 months ago. I had forgot about it. I will definatly have to get it. Thanks!

  • M.J.

    I definitely can't wait to hear how your Proclaimers "reverse study" goes...

  • seesthesky

    i read a good book about a jw man and child molester called in memory of gods and heroes - check it out - google it and you shall find -

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